Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trains, trucks and tractors

I have a feeling I am going to be spending a lot of time talking about trains, trucks and tractors in the upcoming years.  Finnan's first word was "choo-choo," followed closely by "truck."  While he can not yet say tractor, it is by far his favorite sign, well, after the sign for eat.  Finnan points out every train, truck or tractor he sees and is always bringing us the books which include pictures of trains, trucks and tractors.   I even think Finnan daydreams about trains, trucks and tractors.  He'll appear to be in thought and then let out a "choo-choo" or run over to me and do the sign for tractor.  So if any one knows of any tractor shows in the area please let us know!!!

Finnan does not have too many other words, I guess he has enough to talk about trucks.  He does also say cat, and the occasional mama and dada.

Note: The above picture is actually Finnan looking at and doing the sign for airplane.  I didn't have any pictures of him with any of his favorite transportation vehicles.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cowboys can wear necklaces...right?

And cuddle with their mamas, sleep with pandas, run around with no pants on, and drink milk from bottles.  I think cowboys can get away with wearing Mardi Gras beads all day, as long as they live for riding horses (even if they are of the rocking variety), carting around two by fours, and of course measuring everything from the heights of the stools at the laundromat to the width of doors at home depot.  

My little cowboy, Finnan, is 17 months old today.  Although, this blog isn't solely dedicated to him, chronicling his development and that of cowboy #2 (to be making his debut in May) is the main inspiration.  When I get the chance to think about the arrival of cowboy #2, I realize how much of Finnan's first year and a half I have already forgotten.  This blog is my attempt to remedy that.  Finnan makes us laugh (and sigh) too many times!  Now, the challenge is for me to keep up with this blog.