Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the charts!

Just wanted to commemorate Finnan's re-emergence on the weight chart...

He had his 18 month appointment today and, after a year of weighing in below the zero percentile, he is now in the 8th percentile for weight.  You can tell from the picture, he has been taking eating very seriously trying to break that zero percentile barrier.  Otherwise, his height and head circumference have remained the same, at 50th percentile and 75th percentile, respectively.  Finnan also had his last immunization till he turns four and he did not cry at all!  Unfortunately though we did not make it out of the office without any tears as he tripped while attempting to run through the halls...oh well.  

It's crazy to think the next time I see the pediatrician (baring any illnesses), it will be with my new little guy!

When life gives you lemons

Finnan and I arrived in Decatur Monday to a house that looked very little like the home we left.  From the street the house does not look too different, but once you walk in, it is a new place.  However, our house does not seem particularly liveable at the moment.  There is a coat of dust covering everything, literally everything.  And a couple of hours after that coat is wiped up, it is back.  We have no furniture except a kitchen table and chairs, our bed, and a pack n' play.  Contractors continue to populate the house, in fact, as I write this at 8:30, the painter is still here and shows no signs of leaving.  Obviously, I am not coping with the situation particularly well.  Finnan, on the other hand, is as happy as a clam.  There are leftover pieces of trim and hardwood floor everywhere to bang together or pretend hammer to the wall.  There are tools galore littering the floors to experiment with.  In fact, we already have our first gash in the drywall due to some difficulty in maneuvering a 4 foot level.  And even cans of stain available to make perfect seats on which to enjoy a pb&j.

Tomorrow, we are off to New Orleans as our hardwood floors get finished.  I'll actually be joining a handful of my college friends for a bachelorette weekend while Atticus and Finnan will enjoy a weekend with the LeBlancs.  We are all looking forward to the trip!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


If asked what my favorite job in life has been, you may be surprised to hear strawberry picker. I spent the summer after my junior year in college working at a farmer's market and for 6 six weeks joined a few Cambodians and picked strawberries for the farm. So, when I overheard someone talking about strawberry picking near my parents house, I jumped at the opportunity to pick strawberries again.

This strawberry farm was nothing like where I had picked. I had spent my days crouched in the dirt, digging for berries and ending the days with rashes over the uncovered parts of my hands and arms. This farm practices vertical growing. Not only did we not have to bend down, the ground was carpeted with a black tarp and the strawberry plants spun around! In minutes my dad and I were able to fill pints, even without Finnan's help. Finnan spent the morning picking the strawberries out of our pints (and a few off the plant) and turning his face into a strawberry. When he tired of the strawberries, running down the manicured aisles kept his attention.

Still, hours after picking and numerous hand washes later, Finnan's hands are still stained red.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A houseful of dust

Finnan, Roux, Reese, and I have all been banned from the house for the week. Or, more accurately, I banned us. This week the walls between the addition and our existing house came down, leaving Finnan without a bedroom and a houseful of dust and contractors. So we're spending the week in sunny Florida, while Atticus is braving the dust and chaos and somehow managing to get our house addition complete while still working overtime buying, fixing up and managing rental properties. Thank you, Atticus!

Since the addition started, we have been without a usable backyard, so we have been taking advantage of the weather and power-tool free backyard as much as possible. Finnan has transformed from "carpenter Finnan" (carrying around his hammer and drill, saying bang, bang, bang) to "gardener Finnan." He spends much of his awake hours digging in the sand and transporting it from one area of the yard to another. This morning he even endeared himself to Roux by planting her! For some reason, Roux does not like it when Finnan gently pets her, but found being covered in dirt by Finnan very enjoyable. He has also discovered the joys of a hose. It's too bad we are in a drought back home as the boy found drinking out of the hose, spraying the dogs, and watering the ceramic frog and plants absolutely hysterical. And to think I only brought the hose out to spray him down after his first finger-painting experience.

Finnan, the dogs and I are obviously fairing the houseful of dust pretty well. Atticus, we are thinking of you and missing you! The addition should be done in a couple of weeks and hopefully we'll get pictures of the house up soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Like father, like son

Finnan is still a mama's boy, but he has apparently picked up a thing or two from Atticus.  While some call Finnan "little Atticus" because of his appearance, he also has many of Atticus' mannerisms and facial expressions.  Here are two shots from today where Finnan mimicked his Daddy's actions exactly.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Loading the dishwasher...huh?

Maybe because I am around Finnan a lot that I linger on his developments and changes, but I have truly been in awe of him this week.  After a few weeks of above average whininess, something seemed to click and this week his comprehension has drastically improved along with his patience for mastering physical tasks.  As you can see from the picture he is doing very well drinking out of a cup.  At the end of breakfast, he also carried all of the oatmeal bowls to Roux so she could lick them and then brought them to the dishwasher...where did this kid come from?  At the park he climbed on the sliding equipment all by himself and without even prompting only slid on his bottom and I swear if he had another inch or two on him he would have been tricycling around.  While holding a CD, he indicated that he wanted to be lifted to the CD player and opened it and put the CD in without help...I had no idea he had been watching me so closely.  Ok, I guess as I am writing these things they don't sound too impressive, but really it was his demeanor most of the week- that he was able to accomplish most of these things without getting frustrated.  Don't worry, I am fully prepared for him to forget most of this next week, but it's nice to know we are going in the right direction.

Oh, and in other, more fun, news...Finnan now says tractor!  And he does a hilarious version of Itsy, Bitsy Spider- picture part spider, part Spock, and part Frankenstien, if that is at all possible.  

And the winner is...

Cookies and cream!  After much deliberation, Finnan has decided that he is a cookies and cream milkshake man.  This is really not good news for me.  Atticus' chocolate milkshake remained untouched, while I watched my cookies and cream dwindle before me.  I even tried to sneak a trade while Finnan wasn't looking...I was caught.   

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Snow Day Adventures of a Pants-less Leprechaun

Ok, so our day was really not as exciting as the title of the blog might lead you to believe.   But it did snow today and our day ended with Finnan asleep on Atticus' lap at the dinner table wearing only bright green baby legs.  Really, the pictures speak for themselves.

Finnan actually did not really like the snow.  It was miserably cold and wet...or maybe I am just projecting, who knows.  So after a few minutes outside, I decided this would be a good day to bake and decorate our first sugar cookies (shaped as transportation vehicles, of course).  Finnan really enjoyed being allowed to stand on the chair throughout the entire process, something he is normally not allowed to do.  While making the batter, he made himself useful by attempting to microwave the vanilla, placing all clean cooking utensils within reach into the soapy water, and controlling the spatula (he learned really quickly to best part about baking cookies- eating the batter!).   While Finnan didn't really catch onto the cookie cutting, he did imitate the rolling of the dough and decorated the cookies with sugar sprinkles.  We then watched the cookies bake in the oven.  In the end though, Finnan decided, instead of enjoying his cookie, it should be divided among Reese, the dog, the VCR, the plastic t-rex, and the wood chip compartment of the smoker.  I guess he was too full from the batter...