Thursday, June 25, 2009

A very important first

Jude is wearing his first pair of overalls!  

He is in deep thought about what he'll be putting in each of his 7 pockets.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just two of the things...

that make Atticus a great dad.  He's great to sleep on and a great block builder.

Now, while I am clearly not cut out for wheelbarrow construction, I thought I was a great block builder too.  That is, until I saw Finnan and Atticus building towers and garages this weekend.  Finnan did not re-place one of the blocks Atticus put down.  Apparently they were all perfectly placed.  When I place blocks, Finnan changes its position, about 90% of the time.  There are some things dads are just better at...thank goodness for dads!  Happy belated Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a big boy!

Jude had his 1-month appointment today.  In only one month Jude gained over 2 lbs and grew 2.5 inches!  He now weighs 10lbs 8oz (65th percentile) and is 22.5 inches (75th percentile).  The visit went well; Jude was charming and even smiled for the doctor.  Jude does have a blocked tear duct, so we have to start giving him eye drops and do eye massages a couple of times a day.

Jude seems to be a happy one-month old.  He is a pretty chill baby and typically only gets fussy in the evenings.  Evenings can be rough as Jude seems to need all 5 ses (swaddle, swing, suck, sush, and side/stomach) performed constantly and simultaneously until he falls asleep.  Obviously that takes at least two hands and the other two are needed to get Finnan feed, cleaned, and in bed.  Because we tend to convert to survival mode for evenings, Jude does not yet have a night-time routine or bedtime.  Jude nurses every 3-4 hours and can go 4-5 hours at night.  That means, depending on when his bedtime feeding is, we sometimes only have to get up once with him.  Jude is still sleeping in our room.  His favorite sleeping position is propped up on his stomach on one of our chests.  Every night he spends some time in that position, some time laying in our bed, and some in his bassinet.  Eventually we'll work on increasing the time he spends in the bassinet, but, surprisingly (especially to me) we have actually really enjoyed having him sleep on us and in the bed.  

Jude has started to smile socially.  He also enjoys looking at objects above him, especially ceiling fans.  Overall he is a very cuddly, squishy baby.  When held his body completely relaxes and will meld into whoever is holding him.                                                                                                                                                                                               

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boys and their toys

Finnan and Jude are now the proud owners of their very own pint-sized wheelbarrow.  Jude does not yet know how excited he should be, but Finnan has enough enthusiasm for both of them.  Since its arrival yesterday he has spent hours in the 90 degree heat playing with it.  Unfortunately, he loves it so much it has been the cause of numerous tantrums. Why would he take a water break or eat when he can push the wheelbarrow around?  Why can't the wheelbarrow come in the house?  Why is the wheelbarrow falling apart?  (The answer to this last question is mama's building skills.)  Luckily, this condition is fixable with a wrench and a wheelbarrow is still operable when one of the handles is not fully connected.  

Anyway, the real reason for this post is Finnan's creation of signs.  After his first separation from the wheelbarrow, he came to me with his hands cupped together under his chin.  This is now how he asks for the wheelbarrow.  He has quite the vocabulary of signs from American Sign Language, but when ASL fails him, he invents his own signs.  His invented signs include only the most important things...hammer, screwdriver, shovel, and now wheelbarrow.  Any question that Finnan is all boy?  

I also think Finnan is trying to influence his brother.  After numerous attempts to share his hammer, trucks and tractor with Jude, Jude finally gripped on to Finnan's screwdriver.  Yes, the first object Jude held was a screwdriver.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A nursing necessity

Sure, boppies, lanolin and a glass of water bedside are all helpful nursing aids, but what a nursing mother really need is a healthy supply of baked goods.   This picture is from last week's batch of cookies.  I am currently not so patiently waiting for Finnan to emerge from his afternoon slumber so we can make this week's batch...peanut butter cookies!  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only the energy for pictures (3 weeks)

Beyond board books

Finnan has been snatching and "reading" my books from the shelf for a couple of months now.  I was reading on the porch last night, so Finnan brought out his own book to join me.  He spent most of his time finding the perfect reading spot...on the left or right side of the porch?On the chair, sofa or floor?  With or without a pillow?  With an outdoor pillow or one from inside?   One or two?  Ironically, the book was titled the Toddler's Busy Book.  He was more amused with the book itself than I think he will be with any of the ideas inside!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Last night, Finnan discovered shadows.  He was terrified.  He first saw the shadow of the ceiling fan against the wall.  He reacted by backing up, pointing at the wall and whimpering.  We thought that this shadow terror could be easily cleared up by doing shadow animals or waving to Finnan through the shadows, but Finnan kept burying his head into us.  For the rest of the evening, he was quite distraught as he was noticing them everywhere.  When it was time for bedtime reading he just curled up in my arms, with his head deep into my shoulder and fell asleep.  Even though I felt bad that the shadows affected him so, I was very grateful for the sleeping toddler on me.  I realized it has been quite some time since Finnan has fallen asleep on me and that, for all I know, he may only do it a couple more times.  I managed to be able to stay with him for about an hour before Jude needed to eat.  I really wish I could have stayed there longer.  It was one of those moments that is helping me through the hectic, tiring times of having a newborn and a toddler.  Knowing that time goes by so fast, it makes me treasure Jude sleeping on my chest instead of stressing about him not sleeping well or having a schedule. 

So delightfully squishy

My friend Jen referred to babies Jude's age as "squishy."  At first I thought it was a strange adjective to use, but the more I thought about it and looked at Jude, it is incredibly accurate.  Here is finally a good picture with the little guy's eyes open.  

First bath