Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who's who?

Ok, this isn't that hard of an exercise, but recently I have found Finnan and Jude's resemblances striking. Looking back at pictures, Jude, at 4 months, looks a lot like Finnan did at 6-7 months, which happens to be when both of them hit the 14-15 pound mark.

Despite their similarity in appearance, they are quite different babies. As a baby, Finnan loved to be out and about- cars, strollers, and especially in his carrier. Jude, on the other hand, seems to thrive when at home and really dislikes the car and various carriers (luckily he has gotten used to the stroller). When out, I often have to just carry Jude (and have gotten adept at carrying them both at the same time!) Jude is much more social than Finnan was as a baby, smiling and laughing more easily and frequently. Although Jude spends a lot less time fussing than his older brother did, he occasionally has some pretty dramatic mood swings. And, unfortunately, he is not interested in comfort nursing. He'll eat when he needs to, but that's how can I convince him he doesn't need to eat at night?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finnan at Two

Reaching the age of one is an accomplishment for an entire family. I don't think anything can match the amount of change that occurs in a family from the birth of a first child to their first birthday party, but the roller coaster does not stop at one. Over the course the past year my bald, toddling baby seemed to change on a weekly, sometimes daily basis into the curly-haired sprinter he is now. I have many blog posts about these changes and developments, but I have not yet taken the time to reflect on Finnan's personality. I am very curious to see which of the below traits will persist and which of them will fade with age. I am already seeing many differences between Finnan and Jude as young infants and I am wondering if personality traits can really be seen as young as a couple months old.

Finnan is a very pensive and focused toddler. He seems to have a long attention span and a good ability to continue to figure things out despite frustrating setbacks. This quality appears not only in play (putting together train tracks or figuring out how to work the toy elevator), but also in his communication. Finnan has been slow to develop verbally, but he has figured out to effectively communicate through signs, even inventing them when needed. Finnan is very mechanically inclined. Of course he has his moments, but overall, I don't think Finnan is particularly strong-willed or stubborn. While he can be extremely focused in what he is doing, we can often shift his play without tantrums. He is on the shy side and tends to cling to me or Atticus in unknown situations. He is often content sitting with us and watching. Finnan is not a performer. He does not seem to act for the approval of others, but remains very active nonetheless (maybe an understatement.) He is very imaginative during play and seems to have a keen sense of irony. . . as in "Ha Ha, Mama, I made the cow drive the tractor."

Above all, Finnan is an incredibly sweet Mama's boy and I hope that doesn't change! Happy Birthday, Finnan!

A little bit of sunshine


At least we had a bit of sunshine while we were all stuck in the house this birthday weekend. Thank goodness we decided to forgo a party this year as we had a pond in our front yard, streams in our backyard, no hot water and no power on Saturday afternoon. Luckily, Finnan and Jude had Paw-Paw, Weggi, Great Grandma and Grandpa Weglewski to entertain them (and Aunt Paula the week before). Thank you all of coming, we had a great time!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The doctor...again

One thing that I do not love about having an infant are all the trips to the doctor. Although I am thankful for well-baby care, there is nothing pleasant about seeing your baby's face turn bright red, eyes and nose tighten, mouth spread into a line and open ever so slightly and then, wait a few seconds, here it comes, the piercing scream. Earlier this week, we took both of the boys in for check-ups, Jude for his 4 month and Finnan for his 2 year (gasp!).

At four months, Jude weighs 14lbs, 2oz (40th percentile) and is 25 inches (50th percentile). He was quite cheerful for the doctor and everything checked out. The doctor mentioned starting rice cereal and juice, but I just nodded, knowing that I probably wouldn't start solids until 6 months (or maybe a week before his appointment so I can give the doctor a report). Not too much has changed since my 3-month report. He is still getting up about once a night, although his naps seem to be getting shorter and more frequent. He remains to be the most unscheduled baby I know, never getting up at the same time at night and never taking predictable naps. Luckily, he handles this lack of organization with ease and continues to be pleasant with skipped naps or short cat-naps. Its hard to tell if this is a consequence of my lifestyle or how he would behave naturally. I imagine it is a combination of both.

At a week shy of two, Finnan weighs 25.5 pounds (20th percentile- woohoo!) and 34 inches (50th percentile). We were excited that he is climbing on the charts, but it has not helped him fit into clothing. The other day at the park, his 12-18 month sized shorts fell off of him despite his bulky cloth diaper. Needless to say, I am happy to discover pants with adjustable waists, as all of the pants that fit his waist are too short. He was also extremely pleasant at the doctor and played cars with him. He may not be speaking much, but the doctor thought his imaginative play was extremely developed. Finnan received one shot, but for the first time did not make a peep or even flinch.

My little fish

My mom and Aunt Paula were visiting this week, so, despite the rain and potential flash floods, we have hit all the sites. Since his birth Jude has been to the zoo and botanical gardens more times than I can count on my two hands. However, Jude's favorite Atlanta attraction is the Georgia Aquarium. He went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and we went again yesterday. While Finnan vroom-vroomed his cars through the aquarium, Jude watched the fish. It is amazing the focus an infant can have on certain objects. An infant's stare is so intentional at this age and seems so thoughtful. They have so much to figure out in this world still and they do it one intentional look, touch and movement at a time. I love that about infants.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There was no way for me to describe the sweetest 'no' one has ever here is my first video upload. This is our going to Ms. Gabriela's routine. He cheered up a little bit when I asked him if he wanted to walk or drive (we drove). The good news is that I was able to drop him off this morning without screaming, only whimpers. When I left today, the children were grinding millet for their lunch.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First love?

Timmy, a lifelong friend of Atticus', came to visit this past weekend with his wife Kelly and 18 month-old daughter Ava. As you can see by the above pictures Finnan and Ava hit it off. Although it was always loud and disaster always seemed to be around the corner, it was a blast to have two toddlers in the house. They played so well together. Finnan clearly fell for Ava. He was always trying to sit next to her, scoot closer or sneak in a hug (or even a kiss). At the zoo and the botanical gardens, he wanted to hold her hand and show her around. He shared very well with Ava, even though that also meant sharing a cold (and then also sharing it with me and Jude). Ava definitely wore my little guy out. Last night he crashed at 4 and slept until 6:30 and today he has been napping for three hours already!

Ms. Gabriela's

Last Friday, Finnan made it through his first full day at Ms. Gabriela's play group. This was his third try. Gabriela lives around the corner and runs a child care facility out of her house. Finnan is going on Wednesday and Fridays from 8-1. Gabriela has the perfect set up for Finnan. Inside she is set up with all wooden toys, including rocking boats, trains, trucks and cars. Outside she has trucks, wagons, sand, playhouse, and chickens. Although there are predetermined inside and outside activities at certain times, the children (aged 2-5) are able to wonder in and out all day. Even when it rains Gabriela dresses them up in rain coats and boots so they can romp around outside.

I am in awe over Gabriela. Wednesdays are apple days. This past Wednesday when I left Finnan, 5 toddlers were sitting around the table with cutting boards and knives (not just the butter kind) cutting up apples. Finnan was making whipped cream using a mixer with a hand crank. Fridays are bread days. All of the children make bread together from scratch. Since Finnan had significant separation anxiety his first two times, Gabriela actual came to our house to play with him. We talked a lot about Ms. Gabriela and he told me about the boat and that he liked making bread (not in so many words of course). Even with that, Atticus left a screaming Finnan on Friday. Soon after, Finnan calmed down. According to Gabriela, the key to Finnan is being outside (I guess I should have told her that). She even went as far to observe him kicking his legs under the table at snack time (apparently that meant he was relaxed).

I imagine we still aren't over the screaming at drop-off time, but tomorrow I'm hoping I'll at least be able to leave the house without fear that I'll need to pick him up. My fingers are crossed!