Friday, January 29, 2010

Surrounded by trucks

Finnan's early attraction to trucks and all things wheeled demonstrated to me some of the early differences between boys and girls. He really didn't have any trucks at an early age, but was very quickly drawn to them. We have since amassed quite a collection of wheeled vehicles in our house and Jude is exposed to them every day- on his clothes, in his bath, in his mouth and zooming around him. I think he too will love trucks. Just look at the joy on his face as he drives a fire truck for the first time.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fishing in Florida

We took advantage of wonderful weather in Florida last week and spent as much time as possible outside. Finnan loves boats (as evidenced by our 1.5 hour "conversation" about boats on the way down to Florida) and made a boat out of a baby swimming pool in my parents back yard. After battling the waves, he found the perfect spot for fishing.

Putting a worm on his fishing pole.

Eating the fish he caught.

Showing Jude how to put the worm on the fishing pole.

Playing with the water snake he found.

"!" Jude apparently did not follow Finnan's lesson very closely and decided to eat the fishing pole.

Mommy Owl

According to Finnan, he is a "good mommy owl." Finnan has been talking about and carrying owls around on his fingers since seeing Weggi (my mom) doing a bird demonstration at the Central Florida Zoo. Prior to seeing Weggi with the owl, he had a lot of experience making nests for himself (big bird). He takes every blanket, sheet and towel off of the bottom two shelves in our closet to create a nice cozy nest. He loves to "sleep" in the nest while I am nursing Jude or trying to put him down for a nap. Both he and Jude think its funny when he stays in the nest after I put Jude in the crib and leave. As you can imagine, that never lasts too long.

Tonight, he had eggs in his makeshift nest (a laundry basket) which hatched into baby owls! Three baby owls! Finnan is right, he is a very good mommy owl. He fed his baby owls bits of apples, took them out of the nest using his finger so that I could put in a blanket, and carried the nest to the edge of his bed. I can now hear him singing in his room. However, it appears that he has forgotten about his babies as the lyrics are: "Water open, la, boat song, ah...choo-choo song...bus wheels..." Or maybe not, who am I to say what lullabyes baby owls like.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 8 months!

Recently, when I have been looking at Jude, I think, it really can not get any better. His cheeks can not get any more pinchably cute, his hair can not feel any softer, his smiles can not be any bigger or his laughs more genuine. Now, he will meld into me while being held in the Ergo while occasionally looking up or leaning back and flashing me one of those enormous smiles. That just melts my heart.

Anyone who sees me on a regular basis will probably be calling my bluff since they know I am very, very excited for Jude to be crawling/walking and even more excited for him to be sleeping through the night :) It is true, I am excited for Jude to be mobile as his independence will start to grow, his personality will emerge more, and, most importantly, his relationship with Finnan can further develop. But, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on how special the past month has been with Jude.

Jude is now eight months old. In the last month, he made his first trips to Chicago and New Orleans and was a charmer in both cities. He survived his first bad sickness (a never ending cold/cough). While he seemed off a few days, he was amazingly upbeat despite his raspy breathing. He was so happy that I failed to notice that he had a double ear infection until Monday morning when he had yellowish fluid coming out of one ear (a sign that the infection had broken on it own).

He decided that he likes eating solids. Apparently, he didn't like the baby food I made. As soon as I started giving him some jarred baby food, he started eating more. Now, he much prefers finger foods. Cheerios have been wonderful! He will be very content sitting in his highchair with handfuls of cheerios, so we can actually eat without a baby in our laps. He also loves bagels and toast (taking after his brother).

Jude still nurses 5-6 times a day. There isn't much rhyme or reason to when he nurse and I am hoping to establish some over the next month. I think that might help with his night sleeping (maybe...hopefully). He is taking two 1-2 hour naps a day and getting up 1-2 times at night. I was trying to night wean him, but then I found out he had an ear infection, so I am putting it off, again.

Jude seems very content sitting and watching movement around him and really hasn't shown much sign of being interested in moving himself. He does not have any teeth yet, but loves to put everything in his mouth. He has started pointing and sucking/gnawing on his thumb. He loves musical instruments, his bath, the swings, and the aquarium (which is how we celebrated his month-day yesterday).

Happy 8 months to my sweet baby Jude!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something from nothing

Recently, I feel like Finnan and I are amicably battling it out on a game show. He creates some bizarre contraption or scenario and I guess what we are playing. I am losing terribly. Above are pictures of two such instances from last night. Can you guess what is going on?

Let's start with the first picture. This one is not so hard. Finnan's bed is most often transformed into a horse or a choo-choo. Yesterday, it was a boat. Finnan found an unused package of weather stripping and turned it into a fishing pole. Here, he is trying to catch Jude...ahem...I mean a fish. Luckily (for Jude), this fishing trip didn't end like the one earlier in the day when he jumped out of the boat and started eating the fish.

Now, for the creation in the second picture...

Me: Finnan, what did you make?
Finnan: A tate.
[Hmm...this is how he says cake, but this couldn't possibly be a cake, could it?]
Me: A tent?
Finnan: Noo...a tate.
Me: Oh, a cake.
Finnan: Yes!

Once I knew what we were working with I could play along. I asked Finnan to cut me a piece and put it on a plate. He scanned his room and took the blocks out of his sound puzzle so that I could use that as a plate. Then, he needed a knife. I thought his hand would do the job, but no. This took more deliberation. Aha! A book! But not just any book, he had to get a specific book that had to be carefully taken out of the middle of the pile. Once the cake was cut, Jude and I spilt a piece of cake (we got the horse part which you can not see in the picture). When pressed further about how he made the cake he brought over the little block with the pink trim (sugar) and sprinkled it on the cake.

This game reminds me of Atticus' first assignment in his college sculpture class, which was to create something from nothing. One sculpture he did was a dry mop standing up in place. Another was a hand coming out of the ground. At the time I just figured, I just wasn't creatively inclined enough to understand the assignment. And it wasn't just Atticus' sculptures that I didn't understand, it was everybody's! My inability to understand this sculpture assignment has stuck with me. Thanks to Finnan, I am finally seeing a sculpture that makes sense for the project!

Needless to say, it has been fun seeing Finnan's imagination develop over the past couple of months. This was probably always the case, but now you can see his mind working as hard and fast as he is able to run around the playground.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas in New Orleans

As we walked into our house last night, Atticus and I both had the same thought. It's so quiet...and empty.

We spent our Christmas and New Year's in New Orleans. Our days were filled with street cars, beignets, seagulls, sharks, monkeys, playgrounds, pedicures, hunting, and Wii. We were constantly fueled by great food, ever flowing wine and Emergen-C drinks. I am unable to catalogue our Christmas adventures in New Orleans without overwhelming myself, but from a roller coaster Christmas morning to New Year's Eve fireworks, all four of us were wonderfully spoiled by a lot of family over the past 10 days.