Thursday, September 23, 2010

At the cottage, 2010

I have to preface our 2010 family "portrait" with the picture of Finnan above.  For the only picture which included all of us looking at the camera, Atticus had to catch Finnan mid-jump!

3, Take 2

Yes, that is Finnan with a very brightly iced Dora and Diego cake.  I don't know if I am cringing because of the color, the characters, or the fact that it cost $40.  But that is the cake Finnan picked out for his 3rd birthday.  He successfully blew out all three candles on Sunday and we had a great birthday weekend.  Paw-paw, Honey, Uncle Michael, Aunt Rebecca, Uncle Dan, Aunt Jean, Aunt Ginny, and Aunt Leedle, along with a handful of Atticus' wonderful cousins were there to help us celebrate throughout the weekend.  As shown by the pictures below, Finnan was in little boy heaven!

Catching crabs.
Riding (and operating) the backhoe with Paw-Paw.  At one point they actually came back with a twelve foot long section of a tree trunk!
Getting his bearings on the four-wheeler.  He actually got to ride a larger one with Paw-Paw and Atticus.
Finnan's first sailing adventure.  Luckily this time Atticus kept the boat afloat (a story for another time).
Crusing around with one of the four-wheeler helmets.
And just digging on the beach.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3, Take 1

Finnan is turning 3 this week. Instead of a party, we are going to spend a long weekend at the cottage on the Eastern Shore. Since my mom will be missing Finnan's big day, she came up this week to take Finnan to a Brave's game. Finnan watched the National's beat the Braves today from the fifth row, behind home plate. He loved it. He clapped, did the tom-a-hawk chop, and sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," or as he likes to sing, "Take me out to the baseball game...1, 2, 3 strikes you're out at the old baseball game." (A subtle difference, I know, but I find it endearing.)

Being a grandparent, my mom could not stop there and surprised him with a present as well. For the past month, every time Finnan was asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said 'a crane truck'. He was also very specific that it should be able to lift up his trains. I don't think he has been this consistent about anything in his life. So, when he found out that Weggi was taking him to a baseball game, he was very excited, but after talking about the game for a few minutes he stopped and asked her (via Skype), "I still get a crane truck, Weggi?" Weggi could not resist and presented him today with a fabulous, working crane truck. He was beyond himself. And, to top it off, Lala (my Aunt Paula) sent him a Cranky the Crane for his train set. He was squealing with excitement. He was in his dark room directing his workers and the crane truck for an hour after I said good-night. Usually, when he "works" he uses his deep, worker voice. He was unable to come down from his squeal even when giving his commands: "No time for dinner. We need to do more work!" He is now finally asleep, cuddling up with the crane stabilizers.

For tomorrow- our trek to Maryland, followed by real construction machines, fishing, beach, Honey and Paw-Paw, Uncle Michael, and (soon-to-be) Aunt Rebecca.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Encouraging words

Finnan turned to Jude who was coughing in his car seat:

"Don't worry, Jude, sometimes I forget to cover my mouth too."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Atticus keeps saying he can't get enough of this cooler weather, but I am going to miss the summer. Specifically, I am going to miss the pool. I think Finnan and Jude are going to miss the pool even more.

In the pool, Jude learned how to walk and become an active, little daredevil. I can't think of a single time I went to the pool this summer when Jude's confidence and glee were not noted by bystanders. Jude did not seem happy unless the water was up to his lower lip. Going under the water rarely phased him and he happily completed assisted underwater swims and even a few where we let him go. He would not go in a float and hated to be carried while at the pool- he was determined to explore on his own. Luckily, our pool was shallow!

Last summer, Finnan never successfully stayed in the pool more then a few minutes- he would turn blue! This year, it was hard to get him out of the pool. While he was a lot more cautious than Jude, by the end of the summer he started swimming on is own! He mostly will swim in the shallow end where he knows he can stand up anytime, but he could also push off a step in the deep end and come to us. He doesn't know how to breathe without standing up, but luckily he can hold his breath an amazingly long time- up to 15 seconds.

I was worried pool outings would be tough with both boys. It wasn't. The hardest part was getting sunscreen on everyone before we left the house. I loved watching Finnan learn to love the pool and Jude's inner fish emerge.