Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A new sport

I thought the river farm could not get any better.  It has.  Now, in addition to beach, boats, fishing, tractors, pool, backhoe, chickens, and cousins, it has two street hockey courts.  Uncle Dan built the pictured "barn" for his large machines.  However, the floors made it a perfect street hockey court.  So, the little lads (a group of cousins that work on projects for Uncle Dan) built goals, barriers for the courts and put together a shipment of hockey sticks in time for Thanksgiving.  On Black Friday there was a round robin tournament (which we missed for a side trip to Pennsylvania) and on Sunday the stragglers got together to play some more.  Although I didn't get to play for too long (little boys kept running onto the court), it was so much fun to play a competitive team sport again.  Finnan and Jude also loved playing hockey.  However, watching us play, Finnan developed a somewhat debilitating habit- running toward the ball then sliding/falling to the ground when he got to the ball.  Judging by the bruises on all of the hockey players, we fell a lot.

Anyone up for commandeering a tennis court?