Monday, October 31, 2011

Mac, a baseball player, and an astronaut

Last night Gabriela's play group joined another Waldorf-inspired play group for the annual magical Halloween walk.  As the sun went down, the children started on a lantern-lit journey through the woods stopping every so often to watch a nursery-rhyme skit, acted out by parents of some of the children.  This year, Atticus was the straw-chewing "Mac," otherwise known as Old Mac Donald.  He shared his farm with the children then led them in song, through a pig, a horse, and then. . . a monkey (we only had 3 puppets.)  At the end he shared a bag of popcorn with each child as a treat.  Jude wasn't fooled by Mac though.  About half way through the song, Jude started whispering (with a huge grin on his face) to the other children around him, "That's my daddy."  The kids saw skits of Jack-be-Nimble, Twinkle, Twinkle little star, Humpty Dumpty, Pop-goes- the-Weasel, 4 and 20 blackbirds, the Muffin Man, Patty-Cake, and the Pancake Lady.

Tonight, the boys dressed up again and joined their friends Christian, Elsa, James and baby Aveline to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  This year, we had a very enthusiastic crew.  The kids ran from house to house knocking on doors.  They needed a little coaching in their "Trick-or-treats," but once they got that, we heard a chorus of vigorous "Trick-or-Treats."  Last year, I somehow managed to limit their "treat" intake on Halloween night to an orange given to them by a friend at our last stop and then they forgot all about their candy by the next morning.  This year, they eagerly ate candy upon arrival at home and I don't think they are going to forget tomorrow.  Given that Jude has been experiencing bipolar sugar overload in the 2 hours since we put him to bed, I may still be hiding their candy anyway.

Scary pumpkin, happy pumpkin

This year we had one request for a scary pumpkin (Finnan) and one for a happy pumpkin (Jude).  Don't worry though, the scary pumpkin can't eat you because it does not have legs.

And here are some of our other spooky decorations.  We decorated the porch with spiderwebs and a scarecrow.  While Atticus and I were in San Francisco, my parents and the boys added an amazing spider and a yard full of ghosts.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

On soccer

Finnan had his second soccer game today.  I am taking a photography class on Saturday mornings, so I have missed both of his games.  I am also missing next week because I will be in San Francisco.  Today, Atticus took a ton of video of the game  so that I could see some of the action.  Below is a very brief clip of one of Finnan's goals and then a post-game interview.

Finnan seems to love being on a team and love competition.  He wore his uniform everywhere we went today.... including his knee high socks.  Based on the video footage I saw, he is a boy who knows his mission: get the ball to the goal.  Over the next years, I am sure we will be spending many fall Saturdays at soccer fields.  With such excited little boys, fall weather like this, and fields close enough to walk to, we are looking forward to all of it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The wedding

I have been looking forward to Michael and Rebecca's wedding for some time.  And, I had been stressing about it, too.  I love outdoor weddings and I would never pass up a party with a DJ, but the 14 hour drive to the wedding, getting my two little ones in tuxedos and down the aisle, and fitting into my bridesmaid dress 7 months pregnant were weighing on me.  As most things seem to, everything, including the wedding, was perfect, even beyond what I could have hoped for.

An hour before I was going to pick up the boys to start phase 1 of out drive, I got a call from Gabriela's.  Jude had a fever.  Ugh.  Luckily, the plenty of rest he got in the car over the next two days seemed to cure him right in time for the rehearsal dinner.  The drive was shockingly easy.  On the way up, I am not sure I heard either of them whine or complain.  At the ten-hour mark we stopped at a Hampton Inn, where the boys were very anxious to see "the special machine that makes ice."  As we were laying down, boys in one bed, Atticus and I in another, I marveled about how grown up they seemed.  That lasted about three minutes.  Jude started whining about Finnan taking his covers.  Since it was already almost 11, we just decided to switch beds and Finnan moved in with me.  It took me about one minute to understand why Jude was whining.  Finnan does not stop moving.  He literally only stayed still for two hours the entire night.  The rest of the night I was in self defense mode, protecting myself and the baby.  Next time, he is getting a cot!  The next morning we finished the journey with a short 4 hour trip during which both boys slept again.  The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were that evening, so even after we got to the location and had the boys run around for a bit, we went to our room and tried to get a bit more sleep out of them. This resulted in Jude sleeping through the rehearsal, but Finnan had it figured out for the both of them. That night, the boys did their best at a 3+ hour rehearsal dinner.  Both of them loved the wait staff walking around with hors doeuvres.  They followed them around taking more crab stuffed mushrooms, spanakopita, and shrimp than any of the adults.  They also managed to stay in their seats for some time, though by the end (as the clock was getting closer to 10) it was clearly too much.  

Friday (wedding day), I got to head off with the girls for hair and make-up, while Atticus took the boys to see scarecrows and try to find a pumpkin patch.  Our main goal for the day was to get them to nap.  Shockingly, Finnan did and Jude did not!  You would have never known it though.  Looking as handsome as ever, Finnan and Jude walked down the aisle perfectly.  Both Michael and Rebecca looked fabulous and they had a beautiful ceremony.  The best part was a reading out of a book, "I Like You," which Michael and gotten for Rebecca after only a few months of dating.  And, of course, after the ceremony, we got to party!  Jude was one of the first out to the dance floor and although it took a while Finnan ended up joining us as well.  Luckily, it was an early wedding and reception, because at 9:30 it was clear that neither Finnan nor Jude had anything left in them.  Quite frankly, I did not either.  So we headed up to the room early.  Jude was beyond exhausted and could not stop crying, eventually falling asleep cuddled up in our bed.  

Even though we did not even make it to the wedding cake or to either one of the after-parties, we had a great time and are thrilled that Rebecca is now officially part of the family.  It is amazing how well Michael and Rebecca complement each other and I know Rebecca brings out the best in Michael.  Congratulations, you two!

Finnan goofing off at the rehearsal dinner.

Jude making his rounds to all of his admirers.
Maybe this is why Jude did not nap the day of the wedding?
Down the aisle.

Me with one of my little gentlemen.

Picture perfect.
After pictures, the boys decided that the bird nests that they walked down the aisle with needed to be in a tree.  Rebecca and I each recovered one from the tree the next day as a keepsake. 
With this pose, Finnan could have fit right in with the groomsmen.

Sneaking in a picture with the baby belly between the professional shots.

Finnan and Jude both got cameras as gifts for being in the wedding.  This is about all I saw of him after  he received his gift.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Heaven.  There is no other word to describe the River Farm this past weekend.  After Michael and Rebecca's wedding, we headed down to the farm with my mom and dad, aunt and uncle, cousins Kristen  and Heather, Heather's husband Patrick and their three children, Zoe, Delia, and Oliver.  We were shocked with a summer weekend and spent two days on the beach.  The kids played like they knew it was their last chance on the beach, digging and wading without breaks for snacks or meals (unless forced).  They ran out to the sand and water as soon as we got them to the beach and stayed on the beach in their wet clothes, suits, or sagging diapers until after all of the adults had resorted to sweatshirts.  We barbecued at the cottage while watching the sunset and had a bonfire on the beach.  All of the kids went out for kayak rides and Finnan even went exploring among the heavy equipment, watching Uncle Dan and Uncle Mark supply water to the cottage with a bobcat.  The adults got to catch up and relax in the sand while fully absorbing the happiness and joy of the five kids.  Finnan cried (with actual tears) when we left, saying, "I want to spend all day at the RIver Farm with my family."

And since we did not see too much of their faces throughout the weekend, here is one of the older four posing on a low tree branch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"You not my mommy"

We had an incredible weekend, which started at my brother's wedding in Pennsylvania and ended at the River Farm.  I have hundreds of pictures and stories to sort through, but here is a sneak peek.

When Jude first saw me dressed up (and done up) as a bridesmaid in the wedding he said, "You not my mommy.  You're a princess."  Amazingly, my make-up stayed in place.

And here is my little gentleman: