Monday, July 23, 2012

A disastrous haircut

No, Jude did not manage to cut his hair off to his scalp by himself.  He let his brother do it.  Here is another view:

Just as I placed Rory in the bath this evening, I heard Finnan and Jude run down the hall giggling.  Looking back, the giggles sound devious, but in the moment, who knows?  So, I let it go and continued to bathe Rory.  Still, Rory's bath was cut short because Atticus had sent some guys over to remove our old (broken) washing machine.  As I showed the guys to the laundry room, I heard more incriminating sounds...little voices trying to whisper "Hide! Hide!"  When I heard this, I actually breathed a sigh of relief.  They love to play hide and seek and I thought they were just hiding from me.  Unfortunately, when I "found" Finnan he had kid scissors in hand and said, "Don't look at Jude."  Before Jude emerged from behind the door, I saw the evidence on the floor.  Inches of Jude's hair.  Inches that I was so happy to have back after I experimented with buzz cut for Jude earlier in the summer.  (For the record, I deemed that experiment a failure.)

To best mask the chunks removed, we had to buzz Jude's hair with a #2 guard.  Jude seemed to enjoy every part of the process.  He liked the haircut Finnan gave him and liked the subsequent haircut.  Finnan was sent to his room and then straight to bed after dinner.  I guess this is funny.  I imagine it will be funnier when I get used to Jude's new do.    

Friday, July 13, 2012

Growing up

On a tour of the renovated Trinity St. fire station
This summer it has been hard to negotiate the lives of two busy boys and a baby.  Any outing seems to require a lot of planning and always seems to be cut short.  While we try to get out during our windows, we have also been spending a lot of time at home.  And this summer, it seems like all three of my boys are growing up fast.  Too fast.

Last night, Finnan came down in the same pajamas he has been wearing all summer.  Suddenly, they were two inches two short.  He has spent a surprising amount of time sitting at the kitchen table with his "workbook" (a blank notebook I gave him at the beginning of the summer).  He spends time inventing letter games and drawing.  This week, he has spent a lot of time drawing plans...specifically sand castle plans and house plans.  He is also determined to wash the dishes.  Some times, I am floored by his helpfulness and maturity.  And then, I will see some of the negative aspects of his growth.  He seems to be losing his innocence fast this summer and is daily testing the waters by lying.  However, at the end of each day, he has been laying in bed having discussions with Atticus.  Together, they sort through some of life's serious issues, like "Are rocks made of dirt?  Or is dirt made of rocks?" or "Did God make dinosaurs, too?"

"I. Am. A. Robot."

The past couple of weeks, Jude has been forming opinions and sticking with them.  He has decided that his favorite song is the "sailboat song" (really "Lost Coastlines by Okkervil River) and that is the only song he likes.  Every time we get in the car we end up listening to it at least once.  Because of his resolve regarding TV shows we have had to switch our system of the boys agreeing on a show to them taking turns on who picks.  Several times, Jude has decided rather than watch Finnan's pick he would prefer to sit on the porch.  And good luck getting him to write another letter other than "J."  While his mind is very firmly set in many things, his imagination has been taking off as evidenced by the daily conversations between race cars in our house.  Jude still has a lot of baby left in him though and I have been enjoying many "big squeezes" (hugs) and cuddle sessions.

And yes, his cheeks are still baby soft.

And, Rory.  Today he is seven months old.  I have basically stopped bathing him to ensure that he retains his baby smell at all times.  He seems ready to go.  He is rolling around rooms and is scooting backwards, often resulting in getting stuck under furniture.  He has been practicing the plank position and will occasionally get on his hands and knees.  He still loves his johnny-jumper, the swimming pool and being outside. He is also developing a fondness for cars.  He finds both his brothers' antics (mainly when they are breaking rules) and our dog quite funny.  I have yet to present him with a food that he has refused.  It is still almost impossible not to be charmed by this little one. 

Stuck again.
And tomorrow, we are off to the beach!