Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion show

Earlier in the week, Jude came down to wake us up.  "Mommy!  We are having a fell show! We need people."  A what?  "A FELL show!" We were struggling to mobilize for a fell show, but a few minutes later Finnan came running down to tell us we were needed for the FASHION show.  Now this was going to be interesting.  I got Rory, quickly changed his diaper and headed upstairs.  The room was set up for the show.  (Who knows what time they woke up to prepare for this as the show itself took place at 7:20 am.)  The rug was rolled up to serve as a bleacher for me and Rory.  Jude's bed was set up as a viewing area for Atticus, who currently has to lay down because of a herniated disc.  All of their stuffed animals were lined up to watch as well.  Several books were specifically placed throughout the room.

As soon as we were situated, they started the show.  They lined up and, ready set, go!  They started racing.  After several races, I stopped to ask them if they knew what a fashion show was...  No.  So, Atticus and I explained the basics, and they got to work on their outfits.  Then the fashion show started, complete with the walk and spins.

Finnan's outfit

The post-show dance.  

The fashion show "look."

Finnan's look.

Rory was excited that the "bleachers" provided a climbing obstacle.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rory is 8 months

When I realized that Rory was 8 months old, I decided it was time to attempt to take some portrait of him.  The above picture was my only usable shot.  Really, I probably only took about ten photos before I realized that this was only going to leave me frustrated and possibly even cause damage to my camera.  The problem?  Rory does not stop moving.  First I attempted to put a pre-fold on him so I could get some sweet, old fashioned looking full body shots.  Even if Rory's trunk is still, his legs kick, making it difficult to wrangle even a disposable diaper on him and impossible to do a pre-fold.  So, I placed him naked at one end of the room and set myself at the other.  Luckily, I got this shot quickly, because he saw an electronic device and went after it.  I need a new approach.  I just haven't thought of it yet.

At 8 months old, Rory is so much fun.  He is still quick with his smiles and laughs most heartily when he spots mischief.  He is commando crawling, but is always testing out whether he can make it on his knees.  He can freely go from sitting to laying and laying to sitting.  Today, I learned he can get to standing when the conditions are right.  He loves his brothers and hanging out with them in the play room.  I am about to put away his "baby" toys like the play mat, exersaucer and jumper as the only way I can put him down happily is if he is with the big boys in the play room.  

He is experiencing separation anxiety.  It has become very difficult for me to leave a room (except when with his brothers in the play room).  Today, while prepping dinner, I placed him in front of the tupperware cabinet.  When I turned around, he had (soundlessly) turned the kitchen floor into a puddle with Scout's water.  Recently, Scout's status has dramatically risen in Rory's mind.  He loves Scout.  Amazingly, Scout (still a very timid dog) loves Rory and will often come and willingly subject herself to his sharp nails.  

After I got Rory cleaned up, I still had to work on dinner so I put him on the other side of the kitchen, next to a stool that the boys use.  He easily got himself onto his feet.  It was too dark to take a photo there, so I stood him up next to the exersaucer.  He was thrilled.

Next came his bath.  It ended up being a short one.  He refused to lay down.  And continually pressed the drain lever in the tub, until it was waterless.  He is keeping me on my toes.  Right now, Rory is eating and nursing a lot, not quite sleeping as well as he used to and prefers to eat books rather than read them.  He is starting to give slobbery kisses and can melt my heart with his eyes.  

Oh and, yes, I did manage to get dinner ready, but only because I started the process during his nap.  I guess I have learned something over these past few years.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach pictures

We went to Navarre Beach in July with Atticus' family.  Everyone was there.  Because of deployments and study-abroad this hasn't happened in quite some time.  This year we stayed on the bay side in a house which is almost impossible to describe (interesting? odd? maybe just plan bizarre?).  Two of the "bedrooms" did not have doors and the color scheme throughout the house was black, white and red, including a zebra head protruding from its wall mural.  The location was nice though.  We had a private bay beach including a dock, where many hours were spent fishing and baiting/checking crab traps.  I think just about every time a child got fussy, a trip was made to check the crab trap.

Finnan and Jude loved the week.  They have both been comfortable in the bay previously, but this year Finnan was immediately in love with the ocean.  Jude took more convincing, but turned out to be pretty good at "busting waves."  Jude also seemed to really take to the boat and hopped on any time the boat went out.  Finnan seemed to more interested in catching fish, so after a failed trip out in the bay stuck to the dock where we (well, not me) were able to catch some fish.  The boys loved the hours of wrestling with Lyle and Frank and playing with their two year old cousin Maddie, who introduced them to He-Man and the Power of Gray Skull :)

Rory also seemed to enjoy the beach.  He was not bothered by the sand and had fun playing in the water.  However, he did not sleep well the entire week, which left both Rory and I a little ragged.  Of course, that made the end of the day margaritas taste even better.  I think Atticus and I decided that if we ever vacation again with a baby under one, we are bringing a babysitter...actually, maybe that just applies to all vacations with three kids!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few milestones

I have struggled with blogging this summer.  There have been so many funny quotes, sweet stories and little (but memorable) experiences that I wish I would have captured.   I spent much of the summer purposely being unplugged and trying to live more in the moment.  However, I know all too well how quickly my memories of these moments fade, so I hope I will pick up my camera and take more time to write down a these stories.  For now, I just need to document a few milestones.

About a week ago, Rory rolled over in the bathtub and, unsurprisingly, loved it.

Today, Rory accomplished purposeful forward motion...all the way across the room.  It looks like I now have a commando crawler on my hands.

And, today, summer ended for Finnan and Jude and they started their 3-day a week program at Color Wheel.  It was Jude's first day of preschool!

As much as I was ready for them to start school, today was very bittersweet, specifically in regards to Jude.  I still haven't been able to let go of the fact that he is not going to be at Gabriela's this year (a decision made based on family logistics).  Jude, however, was ready to go.  Despite the chaos of the first day and the many lingering parents, Jude confidently walked right in and was ready to go.  I received a few reports of his first day.  Ms. Olive, the head of the Morning Art program, passed me and said, "Wow, Jude is soooo different from Finnan."  She didn't have time to elaborate (not that I need any elaboration on that) but she assured me the his first day went great.  Jude reported "I was a good listener," "I had no time-outs," and "I made a painting of a lion for Paw-paw" (who happened to be at our house this morning for donuts and drop-off).  Finnan, like me, was a little taken aback by the chaos, but did not require much prodding and also very clearly enjoyed his day.