Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

10 months

Rory can get around.  Fast.  High.  Outside.  Above he is pictured on top of a little outdoor table.  This morning, as I was cutting up strawberries, he managed to get from his high chair to the middle of the kitchen table.  He loves going up the stairs and shrieks with glee whenever he is doing it.  More impressive, this week he learned to go down by himself (as long as we get him pointed in the right direction).  As pictured below, he can climb up the ladder to the tree house, as well as the ladder to the slide...followed by a face first belly slide slowed by my grip on his diaper.  Last week we went to the zoo.  Instead of riding in the stroller, he decided to push it.  And he did, all the way from the red panda to the indoor gorilla viewing area, which is probably about a quarter mile.  I've considered putting a gate on the stairs or always keeping the back door shut (it is usually open in the Spring and Fall), but it is fun to follow him around and see what he gets into.  And I love to see how happy he is to move freely as well.  I do have some strategies to direct his attention when I can not follow him around.  The playroom is always a draw and is at the furthest point away from the stairs in our house.  Kitchen cabinets also have a similar draw.  But, mostly, when Rory is awake, my time is spent with him or with a close eye one him.  And, quite frankly, that is what I want to be doing anyway.   

Rory is independent.  I knew this months ago, but it is becoming more and more evident with his increased mobility.  At the park he has no problem playing quite a ways from me.  At the toy park, he will find a push toy and walk himself until he hits an obstacle, not looking back.  He is very enthusiastic.  He loves to clap and interact with his brothers or other children.  He does not mind other adults holding him.  

Rory is not an impressive eater.  His favorites include guacamole, muffins and graham crackers.  He will try anything, including banh mi, and loves to suck on lemons.  However, he does not eat as much as he used to.   He may sit for part of a yogurt but then will be ready to get up and go again.  It is not helping that now he thinks he should be in control of the spoon.  Even when something does not require a spoon, he will try to put it on the spoon and then try to get it in his mouth.  I have yet to see him successfully do this.  He does still nurse 4-5 times a day.  Between that and a few baby food squeezers every now and then, he seems to be getting by.  

Rory has yet to have one tooth come in fully.  At least 4 are in process, probably 5.  Between teething and a cold, his sleep has not been great recently.  In general, he goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 and wakes for good in the morning between 7 and 7:30.  Pre-cold, I was nursing him once in that time, between 5 and 6.  I am ready for him to settle into that routine again.  He naps twice a day and is flexible with at least one nap a day.  With the beautiful fall weather, we have been spending hours at the park in the afternoon, pushing his second nap later and later.  He remains content and when he does get tired seems to get by with little cuddles here and there which energize him to go some more.  Since he does not usually cuddle, this is a special treat for me.  Putting his two fingers in his mouth also seems to stave off fussing and keeps him going.

It is amazing what can happen in ten months.  As the months go by, we just keep having more and more fun with our little guy.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Flying Superhero Cheetahs!

It is soccer season again.  This year Finnan is on the Flying Superhero Cheetahs.  It is a team of eight great kids and Atticus is one of his coaches.  They are both having fun.  Not much has changed since last year.  Finnan loves soccer.  He is always ready to play.  He always wants to know which team won at the end.  An added bonus this year- practice one night a week.  In short, Finnan is serious about soccer.  He will practice drills in our backyard by himself and is trying to work on playing as a team.

I am almost always proud of Finnan when I see him at soccer games.  He always tries hard, cheers and is ready to go.  This past week, he wowed me.  By the last few minutes only three kids still wanted to play.  In a little team huddle before the game got going again, Atticus told them to work on passing.  Finnan's top priority became passing.  The ball was barely moving forward because he wanted to get it to his other team mates so badly.  At one point, Finnan dribbled the ball down the field all the way to the goal.  He then specifically stopped the ball right at the goal line, moved it over, and let a team mate kick the ball in.  Everyone around me went, "Awww..."  The mom next to me said, "That just gave me shivers."  It was incredibly sweet and he did not even know it.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012


It appears that I have emotionally wounded one of my children today.  I think (I hope) this was the first time.  Today at the toy park I was pushing both Jude and Rory.  While pushing Rory, Jude slowed to a stop and asked for another push.  He loves going high, so I pulled him back as high as I could and then let go.  The second I let go, I saw he was not holding on.  So, yes he fell, resulting in two large bruises on his back and one on his elbow.  I comforted him.  I apologized.  We hung out on the bench together.  As soon as we went home I put on the obligatory band aids.  I didn't think much of it.  As he started walking out of the bathroom after I put on the band aids (at least an hour after the incident), Jude started tearing up again.  He looked back and between sobs said, "I can't believe you did this to me."

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be allowed to push Jude on the swing again.  But, knowing Jude's memory, I think he will remind me often to wait until he is holding on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And all three were baptized

Last month, all three boys were baptized.  A few jokes floated around that thrifty Atticus was waiting for a three for one deal, but to be honest, it just did not feel right until this year.  Honey, Paw-Paw Byron, Weggi, Paw-Paw Jerry, Uncle Michael and Aunt Rebecca all came in for the occasion.  My mom took pictures for me during the ceremony.

Both Honey and Paw-Paw Jerry did their best to keep Rory still during the baptism.  

And Paw-Paw Jerry's beard may have suffered a bit.

Father Brian had the boys open the top button of their shirts so they could be blessed with oil.  Jude really wanted to take his whole shirt off.  

When Atticus first lifted Finnan up he had his mouth wide open as if he was planning on drinking the holy water.  He thought the water flowing on his head was hilarious.

Jude followed suit and giggled during his turn as well.

Rory was not amused, but did not cry.

You can see how well our attempt at getting a picture of the three boys dressed in white (after 45 minutes in church) went.

After the baptism, we celebrated with a birthday lunch for Finnan.  His request: two types of chicken (the chicken daddy brought home the other day and the chicken from the yellow box at the beach), rice and beans, and salad.  Originally he requested cupcakes, but I convinced him that apple crisp would be a good idea since we had a fridge full of apples from our trip to the mountains.  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with Finnan's birthday gifts, one of which was a build-your-own bat house kit.  Although I was not there to witness it, the guys put together the bat house and Atticus decided to put it on the house.  While Atticus was on the ladder (about 12 feet off the ground) the ladder slipped and he fell to the deck below.  Amazingly, he was fine.  In case the baptism and the celebration of Finnan's first five years were not enough, we were given another reminder of how precious life is.