Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting there

A rainy morning

A rainy morning spent in the treehouse playing i-spy....

A little one becoming very enthusiastic about learning how to walk....

And realizing I may have a chance at getting all three boys to look at me for a Christmas card photo...

These were just a few of my favorite things this week.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rory at the creek

I guess the water was colder than it looked (or than it should have been considering Finnan and Jude took their shoes and socks off and were walking through it).  These pictures were taken in the backyard of a house Atticus is building (well, renovating) in our neighborhood.  I wish we could live there.  It is like an ideal vacation home in the North Georgia mountains, but in Decatur.  It is beautiful.  I think we will be spending a lot of time here until he sells the house.  This will most likely be the backdrop for our Christmas card picture...that is assuming I can every get Rory to stay in the same frame for long enough.

Jude is three and a half. Jude.

As of the 14th, Jude's age officially changed from three to three and a half.  I am often in awe this blond haired, blue-eyed child is mine.  Jude is funny (especially to his peers).  He talks (a lot).  He is enthusiastic.  He can be defiant but is very even-tempered.  If we are out, he never wants to go home.  He is just such a people person.

At three and a half, Jude is thriving.  He loves school (art school and church school), soccer and gymnastics, and being a big brother and a little brother.  He spends a certain amount of each day in races through the house, dramatically huffing and puffing as he goes.  Then, he sets up shop at the kitchen table to draw, in the playroom to build, or on the sofa reading book after book.  He has developed his own art style, which mainly consists of abstract line drawings.  He always draws for other people.  After he is done, he will decide who his work is for and writes their name (with my help spelling) on each page.  He gets really excited when someone else's name has a 'j,' 'u,' 'd,' or 'e.'  "Mom!  Jude has a 'd,' too! Jude" He has also started talk like this.  He makes a statement and then emphasizes the subject with an additional statement.  He will also often dedicate his building projects to Rory.  "Mom!  I built this for Rory!  He can knock it down!"  Rory thinks he is the best.  Jude also spends a lot of his time in character, he is often a talking feline of some sort (cheetah, jaguar, leopard, lion...) or a superhero.  Jude is always lobbying for donuts or a milkshake.  I am often floored by his memory.  Besides his brothers, Jude's best buddy is Christian.  The two of them are pretty much peas in a pod.

It is so much fun to follow the world from Jude's point of view.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for brothers

Since the time change, the boys have been having trouble staying in their beds quietly "until the light turns green" (at 7:00am).  When they don't stay in their beds quietly, they do not get to watch their nightly television show.  After about a week of no television, I asked them why they could not stay quiet until the light turned green.  Finnan replied, "Because I love Jude more than TV."  Jude agreed.  I am so thankful to be a mama to three best brothers.

(This sentiment made up for Jude's "I'm thankful for..." statement at school.  Last week when I was picking the boys up I saw a board with each child's "I'm thankful for..." statement.  First, I spotted Finnan's.  He was thankful for his family.  Then I saw Jude's statement.  Jude stated that he was thankful for his friend's houses.  While, I am also thankful for great friends, I had to laugh when I saw that.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11 months

Rory spent much of this past month feeling sick or teething.   Two things happened as a result of this.  Finally, at 11 months, Rory has become more cuddly.  When he is tired or not feeling well, he will stick his two fingers in his mouth and just lay on me.  Of course, that is sweet.  He has also become a screamer/screecher.  Not so sweet.  We have definitely entered an "I want up, NOW!"/"No, I want down, NOW!" phase.  While it is admittedly driving me a bit bonkers most days, I know that this will pass soon, most likely when he learns to walk.  He loves to cruise, push toys, and only seems to like the stroller when he is pushing it, however, he doesn't seem very sturdy without support.  He does really want to one of the guys though.  He already seems interested in wrestling with Atticus and loves when the boys compete in crawling races so that he can join in.  These are quite amusing.  Finnan understands that he should let Rory win and makes a big deal of how fast Rory is.  Jude just creams him every time.  He puts so much effort in winning the crawling race that he has even injured himself in the process.  Rory finds Jude very funny.  This past week we have actually had to separate them at the dinner table.  Jude's main focus at dinner was to make Rory laugh and I was worried Rory was going to choke!  The highlight of Rory's day is taking a bath with Jude.  I can not seem to get him in the bath quickly enough and they just splash and laugh.  Not a single day goes by without both Jude and Finnan telling me how much they love Rory.  I think all three of them are anxiously awaiting the day when Rory can move into the boys' room.

My camera is in the shop (trying to clear up some back-focusing issues), so I was only able to take pictures on my phone today.  After story time today, it still seemed too cold to go to the park, so we ended up heading to the Fernbank Museum instead.  We walked through the Genghis Khan exhibit, very slowly (Rory insisted on pushing the stroller), twice (Finnan was very strangely/disturbingly (?) fascinated by the exhibit).  Then we headed up to the play area.  It was empty, which was perfect for Rory.

This afternoon it seemed to warm up, so we headed out to Glenlake Park for the drop-in tennis lessons. It got cold quickly, so the three of us mainly stayed cuddled together to stay warm while watching Finnan.

I managed to catch a rare still moment in the bath.

Apparently, I have gotten behind on laundry and we had to resort to Christmas pajamas for tonight.  We had to place Rory in the middle for the picture.  Typically, after I put on his pajamas he has a strange burst of energy and happily explores the house (without screeching) before bed.  Finnan and Jude started out cuddled like this pre-picture and stayed cuddled together with arms around each other through their show.

I know this next month is going to fly by with the holidays.  I don't like to think about the next milestone post.  In fact, it seems to take my breath away every time I accidentally think about it.  These days are just too sweet.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dragons

This past weekend, the boys had their last soccer game.  Jude played for the Dragons.  This year his team decided to give trophies (or as Jude first called them, those things that stand up on their own).  I was hoping he would forget about his trophy quickly, but he has placed it on the kitchen table for the past three days.  He seems most impressed with the fact that the soccer ball on the trophy does not have air in it. 

The Dragons also received awards.  Jude won the "Best Offensive Player."  Jude did score a goal or two every game, but that is not the award I would have given him.  I would have given him "Most Enthusiastic" or "Best Team Player."  Jude was always happy to play, but always understanding when it was someone else's turn.  Jude was always very careful never to take the ball from his own team (a very common problem in the 3 year-old league).  He cheered on his team mates from the sidelines and even while on the field.  According to Jude, his "paper" said he was the "Best Champion."  He was such a joy to watch.