Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Finnan has always been quite taken by Weggi's projects.  He questions her on what she is doing, how she is doing it, why she is doing it, and then makes sure he sneaks in his own special requests for the project.  I am pretty clueless about this world, but a while back I came across a beginning needlepoint project on the SouleMama blog.  It seemed simple enough, so I sent my mom out to get the supplies (really, she is a much better shopper than me as well).  Then, yesterday, Finnan and I had a rare moment when both Rory and Jude were napping, so I introduced him to needlepoint.  I set up each piece of yarn for him, but then he settled in on the guest bed, and quietly worked.  He loved it.

He titled his final creation "Pirate's Treasure."  According to him, the little black stitches were the treasure and the other pieces of yarn were ropes hiding the treasure.

When Jude woke up, Finnan excitedly showed him his work, enticing Jude to do his own project.  

I just loved how Jude would stick out his tongue in concentration.  As Jude was working he would point out letters that he made and at one point he determined he had made an airplane.  In the end, he titled it with some nonsense words that I couldn't really make out.

And, here is the inspiration for the boys mom recently completed Rory's Christmas stocking to match Finnan's and Jude's.

Rory at 1

Somehow over the last year, Rory has earned the nickname "Bright Eyes" among the nurses at the doctor's office.  They obviously don't know him that well, so it surprises me how much that nickname really does fit him.  He really does seem to take in the world with (figuratively) bright eyes and those eyes of his are quite literally bright.  He was determined healthy at the doctor's office with no concerns. He weighed 18lbs 7oz (below 5th percentile) and was 29.5 inches (about 40th percentile).  He received 5 shots today.

At 1, Rory is a happy, active little guy.  He continues to be a climber (in the above picture he is about to head up to the treehouse) and has recently mastered the art of appearing in the middle of our kitchen table...basically any time I turn around.  Pushing in the chairs does not help me much.  He is spry enough that he will wedge himself in between the chair and the table and then scream until I move it out enough for him to climb the rest of the way.  Below, he is on his way up to the table.

Right after his birthday, he gained the confidence to let go of my finger and walk.  It is still not his preferred mode of getting from place to place but he can walk all over the house.  Of course, this has been so much fun to watch, and he is clearly quite taken by it as well... or maybe he is just enjoying the cheers from me and his brothers.

He is not particularly verbal, but does say "uh-oh" fairly clearly and very often.  He also seems to make a "ba" sound for ball and a "da" sound for dog.  He signs for "eat" and "all done" when encouraged and even says something close to "all done."  His eating is pretty erratic.  It seems like his favorite foods right now are chicken stew/chicken pot pie, clementines, spaghetti, and pizza.  Sometimes he eats a ton, other times barely anything.  He is still nursing about 4 times a day, but many times after only a few seconds, he will stick his fingers in his mouth instead of nursing.  But, it is working now so I have no plans on changing anything.

He is wavering between one and two naps a day, but still sleeps from about 6:30pm to 7am.  He usually wakes up once around 6am, at which point I nurse him and put him back down for a little more sleep.  Rory still does not like car rides or the stroller, but he will gladly push the stroller anywhere we need to go.

Mainly, Rory likes to play with his brothers and he loves to be outside.  He pretends to rake, enjoys rides on the toy rollercoaster and is thrilled when his brothers push him in the little tykes car.  Inside, his favorite toys are the Ikea tunnel and pull-back cars.  He is starting to sit for and enjoy books, particularly the "That's not my..." series.

But, mainly, what I want to remember about Rory at 1, is how happy he makes me every day (and oh how tired I am every night).

Friday, December 14, 2012

My December baby

At a recent church meeting, we were asked how we keep the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts.  I probably never had a good answer to that question before. Maybe I never even worried about the true meaning of Christmas.  Last December 13th that changed.  When Rory was placed on my chest for the first time, I understood the true meaning of Christmas.  I was given such a gift, my own Christmas miracle, and my own Christmas angel.  With a newborn in the house, our Christmas was truly about family and, in Rory, we were reminded of the pure goodness in our hearts.  I, in particular, was able to sit back, holding my new baby, and take in all of my blessings. In his first couple of months, Rory brought me an indescribable feeling a peace.  And, over the last year, I think he has truly brought out the best in our entire family.  I know, every December, these memories and feelings will come rushing back to me.

A very happy 1st birthday to my Christmas angel.  What an amazing gift you are.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kindergarten is coming

I had my first school meeting for parents of prospective kindergarteners today.  I felt good about the school and thought it would be a good fit for Finnan and our family.  I am also excited about many aspects of kindergarten.  However, I still left with some lingering sadness.  Sending Finnan to kindergarten is going to be a transition for our whole family.  We have all grown accustomed to having a lot of time together, especially Finnan and Jude.  They wake up together, spend all day together, and go to bed together.  Kindergarten will be the end of that.  

We finally figured out how to get the boys to obey the "green light rule" and stay in their beds quietly until 7.  Just before I was about to invoke the name of Santa, I kicked Finnan out of the room one morning and told them if they got up before the light turned green again, they would have to sleep in separate rooms.  Since then, we have had silent mornings.  And that brings me to another drawback of kindergarten.  Apparently, it starts at 7:50am.  Yikes.