Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rory's favorite activities

Rory is at an age where he is starting to do so many new things, and I feel like we are starting to see which activities he prefers.  The most prominent one is building.  Rory loves to stack and put together blocks.  And even more than that, he loves tools.  While he was going through a terrible teething episode a couple of weeks ago, one of the only ways I could get him to stop crying was if I gave him a tool to hold.  Not a baby tool.  It had to be one of Finnan's real kid-sized tools.  Last week, I took some pictures of him "working" with Finnan.  In the last photograph, Rory is indeed holding a screw in the wood with the screwdriver in the other hand.  He couldn't connect the screwdriver to the screw, but he kept trying.

Rory also really enjoys balls.  He is learning to kick the soccer ball around and seems to have a basic grasp on tee ball as well.  He will go and find the bat, ball and tee and set up batting practice for himself.  He sets up to swing correctly, but then prefers to pound the ball.

And, just for fun, here is a link to video of Rory somersaulting:  He never watches too much of Finnan and Jude's gymnastic class, but he has picked up the art of somersaulting.  Last week, in the viewing area, he kept walking around putting his hands in the air, then to the ground and tucking.  Just like they teach in the class.  Today, he completed a somersault.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throw. Me. Some. Thing. Mis. Ter.

This week the boys experienced their first Mardi Gras.  They loved it.  Even with the seemingly constant threat of severe weather and intermittent rain we enjoyed a parade every day we were there.  Both of the boys took their job of obtaining beads and other goodies from the floats seriously and we came home from each parade with bagfuls of beads and toys.  They learned to scream "Throw me something Mister!" and blow kisses at the women on the floats.  The best part of the trip was seeing family, especially seeing the three "older" cousins together.  They do not get to see each other very often, but boy do they love each other.  I also finally got to meet my new nephew, Miller.  It was pretty apparent that he and Rory are going to be quite a pair in the coming years.        

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby gorilla

Today we spent quite a lot of time watching a baby gorilla play at the zoo.  That baby gorilla reminded me of another little one.  A certain 1 year old who does not stop moving.  A baby boy who keeps us amused always.  And just like the baby gorilla, this baby boy has some buddies who add to the show.