Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jude is 4

Jude is now four.  This past year another friend described middle children as the sweet stuff in the middle of an oreo.  That is my Jude.  This sweet little boy is so full of love, optimism, and, as you can tell by that smile, mischief.  I wish I could list off a few of his favorite things, but that would be impossible.  He seems to look forward to everything.  He is even reminding me everyday that he gets to go to the doctor and get shots.  One day, I was silently grumbling because we had to go on a detour and Jude exclaimed, "Mommy!  I LOVE this new way!"  He does cry easily, but is also easily soothed.  There is not much a good cuddle won't solve for this one.  

Last year I asked him a few questions, so this year I repeated the same ones.  The answers from last year are in parentheses. 

My favorite animal is: Giraffe and elephant (Beluga whale)
My favorite food is: Broccoli (Broccoli)
My favorite game is: Chutes and ladders (Hold the avocado (Yes, this answer is even stranger than the broccoli response!))
My favorite thing to do is: Play trains (Count numbers)
My favorite book is: The two working ones.  One about a front loader and one about a mix-mixer (The apple one (a book about lowercase letters))
My favorite color is: Green (Black and green)
My favorite movie is: Cars 2 (I only like to watch Dinosaur Train.)
My best friend is: Finnan and Rory and Christian (Finnan)
My other friends are: Anyone at art school (Anyone)

This year for his birthday, he got to choose whether he wanted to bring cupcakes to school or invite Christian over for dinner and cake.  He chose the dinner with Christian.  I ended up watching another one of his friends, Andrew that day, so he was also able to join us for the party.  He chose a dinner of green pasta and blueberry cake.  He asked for race cars.

A very happy birthday to my sweet Jude!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rory makes quiche

I have spent enough time trying (and failing) to keep this little guy out of the kitchen while making dinner.  I thought he was just whining at my feet but this kid has been watching.  He knew what he was doing.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Color Wheel Art Show

We enjoyed the annual Color Wheel Art Show last week, where each of the boys picked their favorite piece of art from this past year to put on display.  Finnan chose a winter print that he did which includes several reindeers along with Santa and the house (the second piece above his head).  Jude chose a handprint with an eye in the middle so that it looks like an alligator (the third piece above his head).

Each of the boys then had their "artist statement."  Finnan: "I like's fun and I can make lots of things too."  Jude: "I am an artist because I make lots of stuff."

The boys posed with all of their teachers as well.  Jude is with his beloved Ms. Lauren.  Throughout the year, Ms. Lauren has been added to pictures of our family and when he sees her as we are leaving school, he will often gift her one of his drawings.

The boys and Christian with Ms. Brittney.  She does not teach either one of their "teams" but is with them for certain parts of the day.

Finnan is with Ms. Amber, his team teacher.  Thank goodness we found her before we left, he was very, very upset when Jude got a picture with Ms. Lauren and he couldn't find Ms. Amber.

Jude explains his cut

Last week, Jude got a pretty nasty cut at Avondale Park.  Somehow he sliced the side of his ankle on the rusty underside of the seesaw.  He screamed and screamed, so I ended up taking him to the doctor, where they cleaned it up (including meticulously pulling rust out with tweezers) and then glued his skin back together.  Atticus took a video of him explaining what happened here.

Don't worry if you can't follow it, you should have heard him explain how he got a bruise on his chin to the doctor and nurse.  "It was a race.  And I was the garbage truck.  I had socks on."  The doctor's response: "Oh, I see."

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Camping

When Finnan was asked what his favorite part of this past weekend's camping trip to FDR State Park was, he said, "Stick hunting."  Later we found out he was inadvertently hunting ticks as well, and without underwear. . . not a good combination I assure you.

Jude said, "Cuddling in bed."

If I had to guess, Rory's favorite part was chasing his brothers while they raced around on their bikes.

Atticus and I both agree that we most enjoyed the uninterrupted family time again.  And we loved our campsite- in a quiet part of the park with lots of woods to explore and places for the kids to ride their bikes.  However, at least for the time being, this trip will be known as the "one day this will be funny" trip.  And really, that only involved our lack of sleep.  The first night Rory and Jude giggled together for about an hour after they were supposed to be asleep.  That was fine, but when Jude finally went to sleep, Rory did not and he cried off and on all night.  So, we were ready to crash the second night and assumed the kids were too. Finnan and Jude were, but Rory cried off and on for almost two hours just trying to go to sleep.  Then an hour after we were able to go to sleep, Finnan woke up with a horrible croupy cough.  We felt pretty helpless as the temperature was in the 40s and it was dry.  The exact opposite of what you would want for croup.  Then it was not long after everyone fell back asleep when Rory started screaming again.  Atticus shined his phone over the pack n play to find that he had thrown up all over himself.  All we could do was wipe him down with baby wipes and then bring him into bed with us.

It was really hard to get up the next morning and we ended up abandoning our planned campfire pancakes and headed into Warm Springs for breakfast.  We were lucky to find the "Paradise Cafe" open and we enjoyed our small town breakfast, complete with Maxwell House coffee (the waitress took great pride in telling us all the brands that they used.)

I guess, in the end it was the perfect Mother's Day experience.  I got to experience the highs and lows of motherhood.  But even the lows ended up with my very independent baby cuddling with me in bed for a few hours.  As long as I positioned myself away from the lingering odors of his stomach bug, it was pretty sweet.

Enjoying his campfire bacon.

Yes, uniterrupted family time is pretty awesome.

A homemade bridge the boys found in the woods of our campsite

Another, less well-constructed bridge.

My Mother's Day flower

Rory loves bikes.  He saw Jude's bike left unattended and went for it.  He even put on the helmet.

The remaining pictures were taken at Dowdell's Knob, an overlook where FDR spent a lot of time.  It was quite relaxing, though Rory did not want to pose with the president.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rory's stool

Over the past couple of weeks, Rory has started to carry his stool around the house whenever he needs to be a few inches taller.  It's amazing what 6 inches can do for a 16 month old.  The sofa can be more easily scaled.  The bathroom sink can become a water table.  The refrigerator can be explored (with a helpful brother to open it).  Light switches become frustratingly close.  Watching him walk around with the stool and explore the world above his head is pretty stinkin' cute.  Watch out, Rory is coming.