Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rory at 20 months

My little angel is now 20 months.  Except, he isn't seeming very angelic at the moment.  Rory has always had a great spirit, or maybe spunk is a better word.  Right now, Rory is very loud, very active, and very persistent.  Basically, he has become all-consuming.  I know these adjectives describe most toddlers, but, really, he seems to bring them to a different level.  

Rory is a screamer.  After having a difficult time with him, I recently decided that I just needed to change my life a bit.  First, I vowed not to take him to the grocery store.  At some point this summer he refused to sit in the cart, only riding along if he can stand on the side of the cart.  Second, I decided I needed to give up on taking him on walks.  He just took all the fun out of it.  Removing shopping carts and strollers from Rory's life have helped a lot.  This kid needs to be free. (He is also not a pleasant car traveller or plane traveller.  Atticus recently took him and Jude to New Orleans and on the plane ride back he screamed the entire way.  Atticus said a woman came up to him and said, "I am a grandmother. Can I help?")

Rory loves going to the park.  He lights up when he hears we are visiting "Ack" (Jack) or "A-ba" (Avie).  He is a fan of all balls and has become very interested in trains.  Besides balls and trains, his favorite toys are two Cars cars we have that will race and talk by themselves if you shake them.  He still loves play dough but is also starting to draw on paper.  He also really enjoys swimming.  

My favorite time of day with Rory is after dinner, before bed.  For some reason he doesn't seem to scream then and has a blast playing "1, 2, 3, Go!," sitting for a few minutes with his brothers while they watch a show, or hanging out with me insisting on doing "Piggies" or "Cows" on his toes again and again.  When we tell him it is time for bed, he will protest, "No, No, No, No" in a sweet voice, but then quickly will decide whether Mama or Dada should put him to bed and then violently wave good night to everyone else and blow kisses.  In his room, he turns on his white noise then lays down on the ground waiting for his sleep sack.  He will only wear one sleep sack and will start screaming if he doesn't have it.  It is yellow and fleece and too small, but it seems to be his lovie.  I am going to have to cut the seam out of the bottom shortly.  Then we rock while I sing him Toora Loora.  This might be the only time during the day when he will cuddle with me.  When I put him down into bed, he sticks his two fingers in his mouth, waves good bye then blows a kiss. Every time.  I love it.

He still sleeps in his crib, which is surprising because he climbs out of it.  We put a mattress down on the floor, but he only seems interested in using it as a landing pad.

He had two firsts last week: his first hair cut and his first day of school.  Unfortunately, I was not surprised by how the hair cut went.  As soon as I put him in the race car chair he started screaming.  He has no interest in TV, so the show did not help either.  Ms. Lisa (the stylist) just sent me around the corner in hopes that he would stop if he didn't see me.  It didn't work, but somehow she was able to cut it anyway.  She was very sweet about the whole episode.  Because of his screaming, I did not get a picture.

His first day of school went better then the haircut, but it took a while.  He screamed for about the first 45 minutes.  Gabriela then called Atticus to come and help.  By the time Atticus got there Rory had found a ball outside and apparently that cheered him up for the rest of the day.  Since then he has been two more times.  I have to sneak out while he is not looking, but as long as I can do that he doesn't cry and has had two great days.  Today when I picked him up, he was eating a "pop" (popsicle) playing follow the leader with the older kids. (This year at Gabriela's the majority of the kids are 4.  Avie, who is Rory's age comes on Mondays, but on Tuesday and Wednesday he is basically with the older kids and then one 11 month old).  Gabriela said that Rory loved to wash dishes and he showed me this after Rory and Jude each insisted on having seconds of beets before we went home.

And like any younger sibling, Rory is very interested in doing what his big brothers are doing.  Here is Rory heading of to school with Finnan's back pack and school shoes.

Here's to 20 months.  I have a feeling this one has us on quite a ride.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A weekend with my buddy

This weekend Atticus took Jude and Rory to New Orleans.  Because Finnan's school schedule would have made the trip significantly shorter, Finnan and I stayed home.  I was a little nervous to tell him about these plans.  I mean, his brothers were going on an airplane to visit Paw-Paw, Honey and their cousins and this is all because of SCHOOL!  Turns out, I did not need to be nervous.  He asked me daily when they were leaving.  When he entered the empty car on Friday after school, he was all smiles.  These smiles continued all weekend and they were contagious.  We both had an awesome weekend enjoying some long-awaited one-on-one time.  We did a lot, including a trip to the movies (his first!) and a Brave's game, but my I think my favorite parts of the weekend were when we really weren't doing anything in particular.  Just hanging out.  Just truly enjoying each other and each other's company.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

A case of the sillies

All three of the boys seemed to have a case of the sillies this afternoon.  Luckily, Atticus knew just what to do.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camping with friends

This weekend we pulled the camper out and meet friends at FDR State Park.  What a fun time we had watching the kids play and hanging out with friends.  We can't wait to do it again this fall!

Our warrior campers: Shrieking Monkey, Bike Flipper, Wind Rider, Rising Sun and Running Brave

Naps proved to be a little bit of an issue.  I temporarily got Rory to fall asleep on me.

And three minutes later he was up again.

Jude and Ansley goofing off.

We spent a few hours at the Callaway Gardens beach.

A few of us at dinner.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finnan's first day of Kindergarten

Today was a great day.  Finnan left home happy and came home happy.  I heard about a nice teacher, 3 story times, lunch time, snack time, nap time and recess.  I heard about how the teachers had to cast tie-breaker votes in the election for the class name. (Finnan is now a Jolly Jellyfish.)  I heard about how comfortable his uniform shirt was.  Finnan said lunch time was his favorite.  I saw him walk with his classmates to their spot in the car pool line and all sit quietly lined up together.  They were all precious.  Proud kindergartners.  

The school's meet the teacher night left me feeling anxious and overwhelmed about kindergarten, so Atticus dropped Finnan off this morning.  Just in case.  In the end, it seemed like I had gotten out enough of the first day of kindergarten blues yesterday and I was truly fine all day.  However Finnan's departure this morning hit Jude hard.  After Finnan left he tried to make a joke and laugh, but he ended up hustling inside, throwing himself on the couch and crying.  It was tough for him to watch his "best brother, best friend" move ahead without him.   Atticus sent the below picture as he dropped Finnan off.   

The toughest part of my day was not being able to give my kindergartner a hug as soon as he came into the car.  The car pool line had to keep moving and I had to wait until we got home.  It was great to have him home and I am excited about sending him again tomorrow.