Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finnan is 6

Last week, we celebrated Finnan's 6th birthday.  On his birthday, Jude, Rory and I joined him for lunch at his school and brought cupcakes for his class.  This past weekend, Weggi and Paw-Paw came to Atlanta and we had a birthday dinner at Leon's followed by apple pie and presents.

At six, Finnan is happy and thriving.  He is determined and focused, yet kind.  His confidence has grown significantly in the past couple of months.  He is a talented soccer player and artist, and still an intense competitor.  He is a great brother.  On the soccer field, he will pass rather than score a goal himself and he always lets his baby brother win races.  

On his birthday, his teaching assistant sat down and said, "I am sure I am not telling you anything that you don't already know, but Finnan is such a joy.  We love having him in our class."  This week I chaperoned a field trip to the Atlanta History Center.  Finnan was well behaved, but seemed to be in La-la land most of the time.  However, at dinner that night he recited most of the information from the trip verbatim to Atticus.  Things seem to be sinking in.  Not only the random facts from the history center, but years of life lessons.

Happy birthday, Finnan!  We are so proud of you.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

River Farm, 2013

We spent Finnan's fall break at the cottage of the River Farm.  We got to see Aunt Cae-Cae, Uncle Frank and Paw-Paw on Sunday then were able to spend the rest of the week with Honey and Uncle Lyle.  We were quickly spoiled by the idyllic location and by both Honey and Lyle.  Our days were spent visiting with extended family (the highlight of which was visiting Aunt Ginny's house, where the boys got to spend time with Atticus' youngest cousin, Erik (7), who even helped give them a horse riding lesson!), kayaking, sailing, digging on the beach, swimming in the pool, playing soccer and baseball, fishing, and spotting deer and turkeys.  Atticus and I even got to go out for a nice lunch for our 8th (!) anniversary.  It was truly a wonderful week.  

We watched the Saint's game on Sunday.  The win has to be credited to our singing of  When the Saints Go Marching In, for every play.  

Lyle took us out sailing throughout the week.

Uncle Frank took Rory on his first kayak ride.

He did not want to get out of the boat.

Paw-Paw taught Finnan how to kayak.

Aunt Ginny and Erik gave Finnan and Jude a riding lesson.

At the end of Jude's lesson he said he wanted to go fast.  So, Atticus ran along his side as Ginny got the horse into a trot.
A giant fish head was one of the great finds of the week.

The water was pretty cold and full of jellyfish, but that didn't stop Jude.

Atticus and Honey, taken by Finnan

A good way to stop Rory from screaming.

Honey and her cuddle (Jude) bug.

Catching bait fish.

Venturing out on his own (we were close by on the shore).

And a whole bunch of family photos.

Rory loved throwing sticks into the water.


Fishing at the pond.  Atticus' cousin Luke showed them the ropes and left them his fishing stuff for the week. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bye, bye baby bed

This picture was taken on Friday morning.  He was laughing hysterically, playing a game of "nigh-nigh."  As fun as saying "nigh-nigh" is, nap time on Friday did not go well.  He would not go to sleep, and he would not stay in the crib.  He should have been out of his crib a while ago, but he was so easy to put to bed, I put an extra mattress below his crib and dealt with the occasional escape.  I did not want to rock the boat.  Rory, who seems to be constantly trying to demonstrate that he is in fact in charge, decided to rock the boat for me.  After he jumped out of the crib the second time, I moved the mattress on the floor back upstairs to the trundle bed in the boys room.  I set up Rory's bed and put him down for his nap again.  I felt pretty confident in my decision in the moment but then as soon as he started screaming after I shut the door, I started doubting myself.  He fell asleep after 20 minutes of screaming and napped for about 30 minutes (because the door squeaked when I opened it to check on him!).  

Friday night, he went to bed easily in the trundle.  At 7:00 am (when the clock light in the boys room turns green), I heard Finnan and Rory walking together down the stairs.  Shortly after, we heard the microwave beeping.  I waited a little longer, but then I was too curious to see what was happening at the table.  Finnan was sitting on the bench drawing and Rory was eating a left over slice of pizza that Finnan had re-heated for him.  I was sold.  Rory officially moved in with Finnan and Jude.  Only one night since Friday has he had trouble going to sleep, but that turned out to be because of an explosive diaper (which he managed to get on Finnan's and Jude's beds as well).  But now, instead of waking up incredibly cranky, he wakes up happy.  

When I made all three of them cereal Saturday morning, Rory insisted on sitting on the bench with his brothers.  Just one of the boys.

The scene upstairs. . . all the 'big boys' passed out.

Sunday, we took down the crib and decided to turn Rory's nursery into an art room.   The boys went straight there today after we picked Finnan up from school, working on their various projects.  I am going to miss watching them work on their projects while I cook, but I think they will enjoy being able to keep everything out all the time.