Thursday, January 30, 2014

More snow

When I said snow in Atlanta is the best on Tuesday, I had no idea what was happening on the roads throughout the city.  What a nightmare.  Snow really is paralyzing here.  Atlanta is a city of hills and the snow seems to turn very quickly to ice on the ground.  We are very lucky that the kids' schools and Atticus' office are both very close to our house, so we were all home hours before things got bad.  Much like the ice storm a few years ago, I think this is a snow storm that will not be forgotten.    

Wednesday, Jude and Rory actually had play group.  So, after we walked them to Gabriela's house, Atticus, Finnan and I set out to sled with some neighbors.  First, Atticus had to build a sled out of some scrap wood and sheet metal.  Then we sled on our street and the infamous hill on Catherine street.  In the last picture, Finnan is sledding down on a neighbors kayak.  The adult men were the funniest to watch.  Their goal was to go down the hill, hop the curb, go up a ramp they set up and ultimately go airborne.  I am not sure any of them succeeded in achieving flight, which is probably good as there was quite a hill on the other side which ends in a creek.

We ended our day with a dinner at our house for several neighbors.  It was so much fun to hang out with neighbors, some I see every day, others who I don't get to see as much.  The kids had a blast together and the adults ate, drank and stayed warm.  Finnan has another snow day today and Jude and Rory are always home on Thursdays, so we are having fun reading books and playing legos.  This weekend, it is supposed to get up to 60, so it seems our 2014 snow adventure will be over soon.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Snow in Atlanta is the best.  It only happens every couple of years, the city shuts down, and it never stays around long enough to become nasty mush.  (Of course, we have always been safely at home during these storms.)  Today, Rory experienced his first snow.  It was exciting for a minute then he tried to climb into the treehouse.  "Cold!  Cold!" And we were done.  Finnan didn't even make it outside as he was so consumed by legos.  Tomorrow, we'll get more adventurous.  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Starting off the new year

We have had a great winter break.  After a busy week in New Orleans, full of parties, family, outings, food and play, we have had a wonderful week at home.  We have had dinners with friends, hours of jumping at Leapin Lizards and brief visits to the zoo, Fernbank and aquarium. (At one point during our trip to New Orleans, we found Finnan awake during the night, half- asleep crying that he never got to see the explorer exhibit at the dinosaur museum!  So we made it a point to get to the Marco Polo exhibit at the Fernbank before he heads back to school :))

Rory with the fake turtle at the Fernbank.  "Mine!  Mine!"
Despite our outings, I have really felt like we have had a week a hunkering down at home and enjoying each other.  We have had slow mornings, endless sibling play and even some pajama days.  While the boys have been playing well and enjoying their new toys,  Atticus and I have been feeling a bit like homesteaders.  Atticus cooked a whole suckling pig (from his December hunting trip to Texas) in the outdoor mud oven, which we have been creatively eating all week.  Atticus and Finnan also ground up a whole bunch of deer meat.  We also now have a freezer full of pork and venison stock.

I know, this is gross.  But Finnan loved helping and hung in their for the entire 2+ hours of grinding.
Today, Jude and I went to Home Depot for a kid's workshop, while Atticus, Finnan and Rory worked on building a new fort in the backyard.  We found Finnan and Rory huddled together in a sleeping bag in their fort made of saved wooden pallets and left over hardwood flooring from various renovation/building projects.  They had a fire going to keep them warm and spent much of the day outside, despite it only being in the 30s.

On our drive home from New Orleans, we reviewed our resolutions from last year and created new ones.  I did pretty well with my resolutions last year, just never got around to creating a 501c3 for the garden.  I did not put that one my list again, either.  Instead, my resolutions are to become a Dekalb County Master Gardener (I am starting the three month class this week!), track our finances/figure out what our budget is, start swimming at least occasionally and do yoga more consistently, and read a weekly news magazine.  I am excited about all of these resolutions and in addition we have a new house in the planning stages and a bunch of trips to look forward to.  I am sad that our break is ending Monday, but we are looking forward to a fun year!  Happy 2014!