Thursday, February 27, 2014

Me boss.

During these past few months we have heard a lot more of the sweetest little voice I can imagine.  "Oh man!" and "No way!" are two of Rory's most popular phrases.  For a while he replaced every "no" response with a "No way!"  You couldn't help but smile.  The phrases that melt my heart are when he says, "Excuse me, Mama" or "Sorry, Mama."  Today he was running around this morning with a batman cape on yelling, "Na na na....Batman!"

His personality has exploded with his voice.  We always new he was outgoing, but man, put this kid in a party situation and he gets crazy.  He has no problem running and playing with the big kids and seems to thrive on it.

We have had several months during which Rory has been really easy.  But this last week Rory has seemed to be getting more defiant and throwing more significant tantrums when he doesn't get his way.
Our interior doors have yet to receive the level of punishment as when Finnan threw wild tantrums at this age, but Rory's tantrums are certainly right up there.  His older brothers feed this behavior (and have been since his birth) by basically giving in to his desires.  They used to argue or take turns selecting their one TV show per day before bedtime, but they've both now relented and allow Rory to pick every time.

Because of his pushy behavior, Atticus had a theory that Rory needed an intervention to remind him that he was not in fact the boss of the house.  So this evening we tried to use a conversation with the older boys at dinner to let Rory know that Mom and Dad are in fact the bosses of this family.  The result of this conversation which went back and forth several times?

Rory does indeed think he is the boss.  "Is mommy the boss?"  "No, me boss!"  "Is daddy the boss?" "No, me boss!"  "Rory, who is the boss?"  "Me boss, me boss!"

Finnan also wasn't helping very much. By his reasoning, because Rory enjoys drinking coffee (decaf), and eating hot sauce and jalapenos, that meant he was kind of an adult.

Back to the drawing board. . .

Oh, to be the baby of the family.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Escape to Florida

We had another great snow week, but after four days off of school, immediately followed by a week's winter break, I thought we needed a little change of scenery.  Because I had to be back in town Wednesday for my gardening class, we didn't have too much time, but we made the most of it and headed to Florida for a long weekend.  

We made a couple excursions while in Florida: to Blue Springs to see the manatees, a Stetson baseball game and to the Lego store.  Mainly though, the boys just enjoyed being with Paw-Paw and Weggi, riding their scooters around the pond (Rory learned to ride his scooter), and playing in the back yard.  Weggi then drove back to Atlanta with us to spend the rest of the boys' winter break with us.