Monday, June 30, 2014


We spent the better part of June in Florida this year, first visiting my parents and then to the beach with the LeBlanc family.  I could have written a blog post about every day we were in Florida...but I didn't, and now mainly I just have pictures to share (and disorganized ones at that).

When we were in Deland the boys spent a lot of time playing baseball, riding scooters and swimming in the pool.  I snuck away for a girls' weekend with college friends in Cocoa Beach. We also spent a day at the Kennedy Space Center.  Atticus joined us after a week in Deland and then we drove to Destin to meet the rest of the LeBlanc family.  The beach was a huge hit with all three boys.  The older boys were very comfortable swimming in the ocean and learned to boogie board, which they did over and over again. Rory could was relentless in the surf, exhausting anyone who went out with him.  He also loved the kayak (even after a flip).  They loved playing with all of their family members, watching the world cup, crabbing at night, and water gun fights at the pool.

World cup quality kick

Playing memory with Maggie and Maddie

Uncle Frank and Rory

Me and baby Rudyard

The cousins (missing Rudyard)

Rory admiring Rudyard.  He loved the baby and constantly referred to him as "my friend."

Aunt Kat with Finnan, Maddie and Jude

In the pool in Deland

Playing with the remote control boat in Deland

At the Kennedy Space Center

In Deland

Beach boys

Honey playing "Happy Birthday"

Flying kites

Watching the kites

Flying kite

Loving "busting waves"

Finnan with shark's teeth. (He was looking for them for days, so Paw-Paw and Atticus bought some and strategically placed them for him to find.)

Jude boogie boarding.

Rory loved getting his feet buried.

Finnan boogie boarding.

Playing on the kayak.

With my handsome boys

Picture time was the only time the entire week baby Rudyard cried.

With the babysitters, Maggie and Luke.  They made the trip sooo much more relaxing!!!

Baseball on the beach