Monday, September 29, 2014

The boys in a creek

Building dams in creeks is a love of my boys.  I took a few pictures on my iPhone of one of their adventures over fall break.  They built a dam, pretended to fish, and even used their fishing pole (along with brute strength) lift a few boulders for their dam.  There is nothing better to me than sitting back and watching their imaginations unfold while working together and getting a little dirty.  I love my boys.  Best brothers, best friends.

Finnan is 7!

Finnan turned 7 earlier this month.  We celebrated by going to Legoland and then with a special dinner and homemade apple pie (which is turning out to be a tradition for him.)  We were grateful to have Weggi in for the "party" as well as the weekend, and the boys enjoyed having her as usual.  The week of his birthday corresponded with his school's fall break, so it was great to be able to spend extra time with him and watching various experiments, paper plane battles, art projects, and adventures nearer to home.  Finnan still loves to play sports, riding his bike, romping around in the woods and creek, and building anything.  Looking back on his last year, I'm not sure how much he has changed, but he's certainly grown, as well as expanded his repertoire of activities.  He started on a new soccer team, joined a USS swim team and has even decided to do church choir. . . who knew?  I haven't seen a choir practice yet, but so far he has been very dedicated to soccer and swimming, and regularly asks if he is stronger yet (a promise made by Atticus).  His reading has been progressing, but he definitely seems to enjoy math and science as his favorite subjects.  He is also becoming a bit obsessed with castles and battles.  With his heavy schedule, homework is actually going more smoothly this year as well, and he never argues about getting it done after practice.  He still loves the New Orleans Saints (maybe too much), and decided that the Netherlands soccer team was his favorite of the World Cup.  He is a patient, doting, and very loving older brother and shows particular patience with Rory, letting Rory "sleep over" with him in his bed almost every night.  

Atticus and I have also started to rely on him more as the oldest, and he usually seems to accept responsibility of getting chores done, or occasionally early breakfasts for his brothers.

He is growing up so fast right now and I truly treasure my time with him, whether its one-on-one time or watching from the sidelines.  Happy Birthday Finnan!  We love you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Rory is a storyteller.  His stories tend to revolve around a few themes: Santa, Herbie (the love bug), and Delta.  Rory loves Delta.  Almost daily, he tells us how he is going to fly on Delta.  Sometimes mommy or daddy is coming with him, but most times there is "no mommy, no daddy, no brothers."  He is going to ride his bike (that Santa is going to fix for him) to the airport and fly Delta to China.  For weeks, I was a little alarmed that my 2 year old was already ready to jet off to China, but we eventually realized that he has decided to call Paw-Paw and Honey's dog (whose real name is Sugar), China.    

Over Labor Day, Rory did get to fulfill his dream of flying on Delta.  Atticus took the boys to New Orleans for the long weekend.  After the flight, Rory insisted that Atticus take a picture of the Delta plane that they rode on.  Rory has never flown Southwest, but somehow has decided that he will not fly Southwest, only Delta.  And that is that.  He clearly has a bit of a stubborn streak already, but he makes us laugh everyday.  Even though this little adventurer might only have his eyes set on the dog China in New Orleans, I have no doubt that one day he will be flying all over the world.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apple picking and Amicalola Falls

This past weekend we took a day trip to Ellijay for our annual apple picking adventure.  As usual, we went to B.J. Reece Apple Farm, however this year it seemed like a different place.  The farm added a ton of attractions to go along with the apple picking- petting farm, hay ride, apple cannon, jumping pillow, even a zipline.  An apple cannon is always in good fun, but with all of the other activities and individual price tags that went along with the other activities, it just seemed too commercial.  I just like picking apples and hanging out on the mountain.  We still had fun and we were able to find some quiet rows to hang out in, but next year I think we will be looking for another farm.    

After picking apples, we stopped at possibly the least commercial lunch place for hamburgers, corn dogs and just about every fried side you can think of.

Those fried sides came in handy though, as we decided to hike up Amicalola Falls.  Or at least to the stairs.  When I saw the sign that said: "175 steps: STRENUOUS" I decided they probably meant for anyone who is 8 months pregnant, hiking with three children 6 and under to stop.  Personally, I thought the hike to the base of the stairs was rather strenuous.

It was really nice to be in the mountains for the day and the boys were thrilled that we were away from home ALL DAY.  They kept making sure we were not going home!  At the end of our hike, they used the view finder to get close up views of each other dancing...or at least whatever views they could get without inserting the coins :)

Up on the agenda for this upcoming weekend?  Setting up the nursery again.  We need to rearrange furniture to make room for baby.  He will be here within the next month!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jude: This was the best day EVER!

When Jude climbed in the car after school last Friday, he was all smiles.  "Mom!  This was the best day EVER!"  It was his first Museum School expedition (field trip) to Avondale City Hall.

The boys normally get up at 7 and come down and eat their breakfast in their pajamas before heading back up to put on their uniform.  At 6:15, Jude called down to let us know that Rory had turned the light on (a habit we have been trying to break him of over the past couple of weeks).  When Atticus walked in to their room to tell Rory to go back to bed, he noticed that Jude was sitting upright at the edge of his bed all ready in his uniform.  He was too excited to go to school to sleep.  According to Kathleen, our neighbor who drives the boys to school in the morning said Jude talked her ear off about the expedition on the way to school.  Apparently, the field trip lived up to all of his expectations.  They went Avondale City Hall where he met policemen and sanitation workers.  The firemen were unable to show up, but they played game about firemen.  He also go to sit in a dump truck and police car.  At some point in the day he was even given a lollipop, which was also incredibly noteworthy to Jude.

Related, last week, I overheard a gem of a conversation between Finnan and Jude while they were brushing their teeth.
Jude: Finnan, guess what I am sooo excited about.  It starts with a Hhhhh, Hhhhhh.  It is something so fun about The Museum School
Finnan:  I don't know.  Exhibit night?
Jude: That doesn't start with Hhhh, Hhhhh.
Finnan:  I know, but it is something fun about The Museum School.  Is it field day?
Jude: Nooo!  It starts with Hhhh, Hhhhh.
Finnan: Jude, but those are two really fun things about The Museum School.
Jude: Nooo!  Its HOMEWORK!
Finnan:  Jude!  Homework is not fun!