Friday, November 28, 2014

Hiking at Stone Mountain

Last Monday morning, I told the boys we would be going on an adventure.  I asked what they would want to do on their adventure.  Without hesitation, Finnan said, "Go to the store that has the hot dogs."  Costco?  "Yes!" Hmm... not what I had in mind.  His next suggestion was going to Bass Pro Shop.  At that point, I suggested hiking at Stone Mountain.  

They were thrilled to go to Stone Mountain.  We went on the Nature Garden trail which followed a creek and required many creek crossings.  They pretty much skipped, ran and jumped for joy the entire hike.  They spent most of the hike looking for "natural fairy houses," which is their recent kick.  After the hike, we went to the playground so I could feed Cal.  They proclaimed it, "the best playground in the universe."  Cal seemed to enjoy the hike as well, although I feel like he is already getting too big for the infant hold in the Moby wrap.  I really had to scrunch him in there.  

After Stone Mountain, the boys decided to camp in the yard.  Despite all of our camping, the boys have never spent a night in a tent.  You can imagine all of giddy laughter involved in setting up the tent, cooking our dinner on the fire and eating s'mores.  Amazingly, once in the tent, they went to bed right away and all of them stayed outside all night.  

Acting goofy on the trail.

Rory fishing in the creek.

Looking for natural fairy houses.

Snug as a bug.

Surrounded by FOUR cowboys!

Proving himself to be the outdoor type.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Starting to smile

I have been feeling trapped, following Cal's napping and eating routine only to be interrupted by errands and carpool type activities.  It has seemed like too much trouble to get out.  But this past weekend, we decided to make the plunge, and had a full weekend with our family of six.  We ate out, went to parties, and went shopping.  We even spent today hiking and playing at Stone Mountain.  It turns out that our little Cal is a lot more portable than I thought.  And even seemed a lot less fussy when out and about.  Go figure.  Our adventures left Cal and his mama smiling.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cal at 1 month

Our baby boy is now one month old!  He is sometimes calm, sometimes fussy, and often sleepy.  He likes to stretch and loves to be sung too.  He doesn't love the Moby wrap anymore, but seems to like walking in the car seat attached to the snap-n-go.  His stomach makes a lot of noise and he is frequently gassy.  He gets up two to three times a night to nurse and has decided he hates no more night-time break for mama.  He nurses a lot.  Or maybe it just seems like that to me.  He has started to fight his naps a little bit more, but after a few minutes of crying he will take a long nap.  At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 10 lbs 7oz (!!!), meaning he has already gained 2.5 lbs since birth.  The doctor also noticed a birth mark under his nose.  This will go away in time.  He is losing hair at the top of his head which makes for a funny bald spot.

It was pretty hard to get a picture of this little guy as he started fussing whenever I picked up the camera.

But then Jude asked to hold him and he seemed to like that better.