Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rory at 3

At three, Rory is adorable.  His eyes. His smile.  His three year old speak.  He is a great big brother.  He is an expert at inserting a pacifier.  He will guide me out of the room after I put the baby to bed, shushing me as we go.  As a little brother, he can be a little more tiresome.  He likes to tattle.  I hear, "I tell on you" followed by the pitter patter of his feet.  After he reports the indiscretion, he runs back (without hearing any response from me) and says "I told on you!  Humph!" He wants to be included in all of his brothers' games, but sometimes it isn't practical and that can be tough for Rory.  Rory and Finnan have gotten particularly close.  The inscription on Finnan's book that he made at school was "This book is dedicated to Rory.  Rory is my second brother.  I love you, Rory."  Rory is a very good friend.  For his age, Rory seems to share well and is fairly compassionate towards his friends.  

Rory loves Frozen, Herbie, Delta and soccer.  He is quite a story teller.  He talks a lot about what Anna and Elsa are doing right now or where any Volkswagon Beetle we see on the street might be off to.  We also still talk a lot about Delta.  However his brother's have convinced him that Southwest is ok too because they serve peanuts.  He will fly around the house, talking in his "I-am-an-airplane" voice saying "I am Southwest.  I have peanuts!"  I think playing soccer was finally the motivating factor in his potty training.  We told him that soccer players don't wear diapers.  His decision to use the potty didn't come immediately after that, but in the weeks preceding his using the potty he often repeated, "No diapers on the soccer field."  Once he decided to use the potty, he got it immediately, having almost no accidents and staying dry at night.  

He goes to Ms. Sara's playgroup 3 mornings a week.  He enjoys all of the other children there, but I hear the most about Luca.  He and Luca seem to even have their own strange language that they communicate in.  Ms. Sara's is only a half mile away so Rory rides his scooter their and back most days.  Since he is quite the scooter rider we decided to let him try out the boys old balance bike.  He loves to take it out, but will not get on it.  Going for a bike ride involves him walking the bike around the block.    

He also enjoys building things.  We build a lot of houses and boats out of duplos and legos.  He has also gotten pretty good at creating lincoln log houses.  Racing cars and creating adventures for construction vehicles are also popular pastimes. 

He can be shy or outspoken depending on the time or the crowd, but he is always determined when he wants something.  On a recent trip to an outdoors store, he fell in love with a shiny red kayak.  Rory is obsessed with kayaks.  He was pleading with Atticus to take the kayak home with us, so Atticus told him to ask an associate if he could borrow it.  Naturally, he had the gumption to approach the first sales associate he saw, and asked him if we could he could borrow the shiny red kayak.  The gentleman couldn't understand exactly what Rory was asking, but politely explained that their store doesn't rent boats.

Rory has a very good memory.  He has memorized almost all of the songs his older brothers sing in church chorus.  It is quite amusing to see a little guys like him break out into "We Three Kings" (both verses!) or "Hark the Harold Angels Sing."  

For fun I asked him a few questions to find out what his favorite things are.
My favorite animal is: Elephant
My favorite food is: Yogurt
My favorite game is: Saints playing soccer
My favorite thing to do is: Play with trucks
My favorite book is: The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas
My favorite color is: Red  (Though I don't think he knows his colors yet)
My favorite movie is: Herbie
My best friend is: Baby Cal
My other friends are: Mommy and Daddy`

Rory really did have a great third year.  The past couple of weeks Rory has been testing Atticus and I and has been very difficult.  There has been a lot of whining and not much listening.  I am hoping this is a short phase because it is no fun to be in constant discipline mode.  He seems to be dropping his nap which has not helped.  I am also wondering if the excitement of Christmas somehow contributed to his poor behavior as after Christmas morning he has seemed to be doing better. 

We had some great professional photos taken of the kids in November and these pictures are from that session.  You can see that Rory has a whole lot of crazy and a whole lot of sweet in him.  And how have I not mentioned that he is loud...very loud!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cal is 2 months

There is so much that I love about this little one.  The way he smiles at you when you talk or sing to him.  When he surprises you with "talk" of his own.  His sweet baby smell that fills up his whole room when he sleeps.  The way his eyes seem to draw you in and melt your heart.  How quickly he calms down when you pick him and love on him.  Watching his paci bob in and out of his mouth while his eyes take in everything around him.  His buddha belly rising and falling with each breath.  

I know I have to savor all of these things.  He is growing so fast.  At his appointment today, he weighed in at 12 lbs, 6 oz (70th percentile).  That is a big baby for this house.  Clearly he eats well.  He will also willingly take a bottle of watered down formula.  It has to be watered down though...Gabriela figured this one out for us.  He is a good sleeper for his age, but like any mama of an infant, I would still love more sleep.  At night he sleeps from around 7pm to 7am waking once or twice.  He doesn't have a consistent nap schedule, but usually takes one long (3-4 hour) nap at some point in the day.  That typically depends on how quiet our house is though...unfortunately his room is in the worst location for noise.  

He had his first round of shots today.  He cried for several hours after he woke up from his post-appoinment nap.  I rocked and rocked him while he drifted in and out of sleep.  While I was rocking him, Jude asked me to sing Jingle Bells to him.  I started singing very softly as any noise had previously startled him into screaming.  But this time he looked up at me with those big, brown eyes, popped out his paci and smiled.  He was suddenly calm.  That was the best part of my day today.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cal's Baptism/Rory's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Cal's baptism and Rory's 3rd birthday.  Weggi, Honey, Paw-Paw Byron and Lyle (the godfather) all came in for the occasions.  And Shelly (the godmother) and her family joined us for the festivities.  We loved having family in town and (more) officially making Shelly and her family part of ours!

Father Richard conducted the baptism.  We had 6 boys in attendance and all of them behaved perfectly, even the very sleepy baby.

That evening we all gathered again at our house for a dinner celebrating the baptism and Rory's 3rd birthday.  For months Rory has been saying he was going to have a Herbie party and that Santa was going to make his cake.  Well, Santa did not make his cake, but Herbie did make an appearance on it.  Despite Santa's no-show, Rory had a great time at his party and felt pretty special.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Finnan's first sewing project

Weggi is a whiz on the sewing machine.  Consequently, just about every time she comes to visit, we ask her to help us with a costume or mending.  Both older boys are always very interested in the process.  She promised to teach them when they were tall enough to reach the pedal on the floor.  Finnan reached that requirement at Weggi's last visit and he was thrilled to get started.  Weggi and Finnan made a bag together.  Finnan first drew a design on a piece of felt that he wanted sewn on the bag.  Weggi did that sewing because it was more complex, but then Finnan hand embroidered his "forest scene."  Under Weggi's direction, he then pinned the bag and then sewed it together.  He was pretty proud of his creation.  He has since said he wanted to sew a Christmas gift for grandmothers... unfortunately, I don't even know where to start!