Friday, January 30, 2015

January 2015

Last night, on my Facebook feed, there was a quote from the comedian Jim Gaffigan, "You want to know what it is like having four kids?  Imagine you're drowning. And someone hands you a baby."  I had to laugh because at that moment I felt like I was drowning.  And I was nursing a baby.  There is never a dull moment and few quiet ones these days.  It's wonderful.  I see so much love every day.  What I realized is that, when I feel like I am drowning, it is because I feel like I can't give everyone as much love as I would like.  But as I was going through the pictures from this month, all I saw was love.  Four best brothers.  Time with grandparents and cousins.  A contemplative eldest brother.  A crazy blonde. The smile and energy of one who is no longer the baby.  The most beautiful baby.  And the house we will soon all call home.  What a wonderful year this is going to be.

Everyone in house loves to spend time with Cal.  Jude, in particular will stop anything he is doing to sit and hold him.  Jude has determined a specific sound he makes by using his tongue to expel air through his teeth (if that makes any sense) to be one of Cal's favorites.  

We spent a long weekend in New Orleans this month.  It has been a while since the cousins had gotten together and we all loved just hanging out for the weekend.  Paw-paw got ponies one day to celebrate all the kids being together.  

I know I have said it before, but Rory LOVES Frozen.  He spent a lot of time in Maddie's Anna costume.  He learned that wearing a tiara just right takes constant adjusting.

We have been so lucky to have several mild days this month.  It has been so nice to play outside.

When we are stuck indoors though, Finnan has spent a lot of time writing stories.  He is creating quite a journal full.  While he is doing this, I can almost assure you that Jude and Rory are racing plasma cars through the house, which is their favorite indoor activity.

And, every time they race plasma cars, Atticus and I look at each other and say, "I can't wait until we have a basement (which is where all the plasma car racing will occur)!"  We are still several months away from having said basement, but since the new house now looks like a house, I wanted to post some pictures.  Every time I go over to the house I fall more in love with it.  The house is only a couple of blocks from our current house, but it seems like it is a world away.  

This is the view from the south side of the house.  Nothing but trees.  And a creek at the bottom of the hill.  My mountain house in the city.

Atticus is also building two other houses to the north of ours.  The house next door is further along and he is just breaking ground on the third one, which will be to the right in this picture.    

In addition to the coveted basement, we will have so much outdoor space for the boys.  It makes me so happy to think about them growing up here.  In the picture below, the boys invented a game where Finnan throws the football, Rory tries to intercept in with a shovel and Jude holds the goal at the other end.  These are the moments I live for right now.  Cal and I were watching this game from inside.  I was telling him, "Those are your three best friends for life out there.  You are one lucky baby."  And really, we all are.  So lucky.