Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cal is 4 months old

Everyone told me a fourth baby would just go with the flow, and that is pretty much what Cal does.  He is a very calm baby.  He handles hours in the swim balcony, carpool-interrupted naps, and loud noises racing by him all with ease.  He will let anyone hold him, but does clearly light up when he recognizes the person who is holding him.  He loves naked time.  If he ever starts to get fussy at the end of the day, we can put him on a blanket on the floor with no clothes on and then he is happy again until bedtime.  In the bath he is all smiles and kicks incessantly.   He has started to be more amused by his play mat.  He is now rejecting his paci, but will suck on his finger.  He likes blowing bubbles and thinks it is very funny when you blow bubbles back at him.  We have had many bubble blowing conversations lately.  Cal is very affected by song, his favorite being Pat-a-Cake.

Cal has spent the last two months growing.  He is now 16 lbs 2 oz (70th percentile) and 26 inches (80th percentile).  He looks enormous in his infant car seat and suddenly seemed to outgrow his bassinet.  We moved him to his crib last night and that did not go well.  Hopefully, tonight will be better as he had been a very good sleeper, typically sleeping from 7-7 only waking once around 5.  His naps are usually short and he has awake periods of 1.5-2 hours.  

Cal is not incredibly smily or talkative or fussy, he is just a very relaxed baby.  You can tell he is comfortable right where he is, always surrounded by cowboys (and a cowboy mama) who love him so very much.

Cal smiles easily for me, but not for the camera. I have to focus the camera then move my head so he can see my face to get him to smile. Thank goodness for cropping!

Jude presented Cal with a picture of Cal sitting in the bumbo.

Relaxed and taking it all in.