Monday, March 30, 2015

Rory drawing

Rory has always loved to draw, but recently his scribbles are turning into recognizable figures.  I've seen legitimate people, train tracks, and boats.  He enjoys "writing" his letters, though does not actually know any of them.  When he does his self-assigned homework, he will "write" letters  mimicking his brothers after each scribble, "What's next?"

Friday, March 27, 2015

Brothers are the best

Nobody makes my babies laugh better than their brothers.  Cal is no exception.  

This giggle session occurred while we were waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport.  Rory was in awe over the planes and Cal pretty quickly picked up on his joy.  Then, when Rory realized how easily he could get Cal to laugh, his attention turned away from the planes and solely on Cal.

Exhibit night, March 2015

Earlier this month, The Museum School hosted its third exhibit night of the year.  This was the best exhibit night we have been to so far.  The first graders created an American history wax museum.  They were incredible.  Each first grader chose a historical figure and wrote a short speech about the person.  For exhibit night, they dressed as their historical figure and posed as a wax figure of that person.  If you touched a star button they were wearing, they would recite their speech.  At the end of their speech, they would freeze and remain that way until the next person touched their star button.  On top of that, they then sang quite a few America themed songs.  It really is amazing to see how far all these kids have come since kindergarten!  Finnan was William Clark.  Below is a video of his speech.     

Kindergarten's exhibit was earth science.  Jude was chosen to be a docent.  I was a little worried because I had forgotten to go over the prep sheet the teacher had sent home.  There was no need to worry.  He was confident, well-spoken and had a good answer for every question. A perfect docent.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Photos from February

Our days are full.  Our bedtimes are early.  My blogs are few.  I am sure that this isn't surprising to anyone, but I do hope to change it.  There is too much happening to forget.  And I know I will forget.  That is why I treasure my yearly blog books.  So, here is a quick look a February.  A month when Cal turned four months, Rory started really drawing, Jude decided that he wanted to earn "Super Student" status, and Finnan became obsessed with Minecraft. 

This February, we had a revolving door of visitors.  We started the month with our friends Jason and Bridget and their children Olive and Hudson staying with us.  We got to know them shortly before Finnan started school.  Olive has been in Finnan's class both years and Hudson is in Jude's grade.  They have quickly become great friends, whom we have joined for holidays, many last minute family gatherings, and coveted adult nights out.  They are renovating their house and had a couple of nights without a place to stay so we were happy to have them.  

The day the Smiths left, Caelyn and Rudyard came to visit.  What a treat it was to have Aunt Cae-Cae and Rud here.  Cae and Rud stopped to see us for several days on their way back to London.  With the nap times of the two babies combined with the schedules of the other three kids, we did not make it out of the house much.  After school one day, we went to the aquarium.  

On the day Cae and Rud were leaving, my mom came to visit.  It was a beautiful day, and we all walked over to the new house to check out the progress.  The boys immediately started playing in their future backyard.

After my mom left, we had a few days at home, including Valentine's day.  It was interesting to see Finnan work on his Valentine's.  He wanted to write a special note to everyone in his class.  While Bridget was staying with us, we learned (through Bridget) that Finnan has a "girlfriend" in his class, Emma Jean.  On Emma Jean's valentine he wrote, "I love you.  I love sitting at your table."  But, on Olive's valentine he wrote, "I love you. I love playing with you.  I know you love me too."  Hmm...  During our valentine writing session, I also learned that Jude has a girlfriend, Lily.  Though according to him she has two boyfriends and sometimes Jude and the other boy argue. (Jude laughed as he was telling me this.)  Since his brothers were doing Valentines, Rory had to do them too.  He also wrote "notes" on each of his valentines, and brought them to Ms. Sara's for Valentine's Day.

Then, we headed to Florida!  We spent the first couple of days of the boys Spring Break visiting my parents.  It is freezing in Atlanta, so we were very grateful for all the time we were able to spend outside.

On our last day in Florida, I debated buying a plane ticket for Atticus and then driving back myself a few days later.  I am glad I didn't.  Our car ended up breaking down in Macon, an hour south of our house.  It was after 9PM (we had already had a two hour delay because I-75 in Florida was shut down because of an accident) and 29 degrees outside.  We had four kids and the dog in the car and were 2 miles from the nearest exit.  I called AAA, but they were only going to deal with the car, not the rest of us.  Luckily, the weekend before we went to Florida Atticus went squirrel hunting with Mark, one of his sub-contractors.  Because of that, he knew that his house was at the next exit.  Atticus called Mark and within a half hour he met us on the highway with an SUV for us to use and said he would have a tow truck come and get our abandoned car the next day.  We got home around 11PM and had our car back two days later.  It was amazing.

The next weekend, Atticus headed to a hotel with the older three boys and I had a girls' weekend Shelly, Kate and Christi.  I hired a lot of babysitters for Cal and we dined out, shopped, got our nails done and just spent hours chatting.  Shelly and I get to do these things all the time, but it was soooo nice to have Kate and Christi come into town.  At the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, the boys swam in the indoor pool, played soccer in Centennial park, went to the Center for Puppetry Arts, rode MARTA, and ate a lot at the free breakfast buffet.

Our month ended with two snow days, during which we got literally 30 seconds of sleet.  Oh well.  I always love a surprise day off as long as they don't have to make it up later.