Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A trip to the goat farm

This morning, Cal and I accompanied Rory's preschool to a local goat farm, Decimal Point Farm run by Farmer Mary.  The kids visited with goats, milked a goat, saw the chickens and went on a nature hike.  Rory really enjoyed the goats and was all smiles and giggles with them.  When posing for pictures with the youngest goats (3 weeks old), one started to nibble his hair.  He thought that was pretty cool and his whole face just beamed with excitement.  I enjoyed the whole farm.  It was small and only 30 minutes from our house, but so beautiful and peaceful.  The nature walk led us along a creek on the property and I couldn't help but get ideas for the clearing of the creek area at our new house.  It would be quite a project...I'll just need to get a couple of goats to help :)  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cal is 6 months!

This adorable baby boy is 6 months old.  He is an easy going and happy baby who loves to swing, ride in the stroller and listen to his brothers' crazy voices.  He is quick to smile and quite ticklish.  He recently started sitting and today was the first time he sat in the grass.  It didn't take long before he decided he needed to taste it too.

He is sitting very well and has started eating solids.  He does an impressive upward dog and seems to make his way around an area pretty well by rolling and turning.  

At his doctor's appointment he weighed in at 16 lbs 15 oz.  He is still my biggest baby, but has slowed down in the growth chart.

What I want to remember most about Cal right now is how he looks up at me when I am carrying him in the Ergo- with his eyes firmly fixed on me and ready to smile as soon as I look down at him.  My heart can't help but melt every time.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Years ago, after a trip with 6 month old Rory, I resolutely decided that I would not be traveling anywhere with babies under 1.  Especially not to the beach.  Well, I am glad Atticus forced me to rediscover a little bit of my sense of adventure, because we had a great couple of days at the beach with an almost 6 month and the 3 older brothers.

Originally, we were hoping to go camping, but the weather forecast was predicting rain for most of the time we were available.  Then we looked at the weather at the beach.  More rain.  But being stuck in a condo is better than being stuck in the camper, so even though we only had a couple of days, we headed down to Navarre Beach to stay in Paw-Paw and Honey's condo.  Within minutes of seeing my boys on the beach Thursday afternoon, I knew we had made the right decision.  It would have been the right decision even if we had to leave the next day.  They love the beach- all four of them.  And, although the weather looked threatening at times, it did not start raining until Saturday night, so we had two and a half great days at the beach.

Finnan spent most of his time working on sand castles.  At dusk, he shifted his attention to catching sand fleas and the tiny clams that dig into the sand.  He collected a number of them and them Atticus cooked them for him and the other boys.  Finnan was pretty proud and is claiming that he is going to ask for sand fleas for his birthday dinner so that I would have to try them.  He also got out on the boogie board and seemed to quickly catch up to where he left off last summer.

Jude, on the other had spent most of his time in the water, busting waves and boogie boarding.  When it got too cold (to me it was too cold even to get wet in the first place) he would come out and help out with the sand castles.  After our morning on the beach Friday, Jude started crying because his ear hurt.  Since we have been to the urgent care clinic on every trip to Navarre so far, we took him right away and he was diagnosed with an inner ear infection.  After one dose of antibiotic, he was in the water again Friday afternoon.  Crazy kid.

Rory liked the waves as long as he was with Atticus or I.  The water was really too rough and too cold for him.  He helped with sand castles and liked swimming with Atticus in the pool.    He was also pretty excited that the condo had the Disney channel and was able to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse during breaks from the beach.  We were also surprised that the condo management company had free DVD rentals, so we were able to catch up on some recent kid's movies- Wreck It Ralph and Big Hero 6.

All three of the older boys worked on one drippy drop castle for a while.  It was pretty impressive and caused a lady to stop and come back to us to tell the boys how impressed she was.  That definitely made their afternoon.

Cal was a dream.  He napped on the beach in the tent and in the Ergo, loved the sand and even enjoyed splashing in the tide pools.  I have two videos of him playing in the sand and in the water that I will upload soon.  Cal started to get the hang of sitting on his own with the support of the sand and loved moving all around the comfy carpet in the condo.  His hair also became adorably curly while we were at the beach.  If you are wondering why he looks upset in the posed pictures with all four boys, it is because he does not like hearing his brothers yell, "Cheese!"  Cal also did great on both drives.  Whenever he got a little fussy, we would turn off the audiobook the boys were listening to and turn on music.  Music and sometimes reaching over and holding his hand was all it ever took to calm him down.

Atticus and I definitely enjoyed the "break" and being at the beach.  But, even though both Rory and Cal did great, we found ourselves daydreaming about trips when they are all a little older and we could relax.  Of course, in almost the same thought, I recognized how much more fun the beach is with these guys and how lucky we are, right now.