Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A busy May

In my little experience with school-age children, May seems to be the busiest month by far.  Our May calendar has been packed with school projects and celebrations, soccer practices and games,  and summer swim team practices.  I don't have too many pictures to show for all of this activity, but I wanted to share those that I have.

There was a Maypole celebration at Rory's play group.

The boys dug into a rotting stump in our yard and went grub hunting for the chickens.  They found at least 100!

We made sure to take a family trip to Southern Belle Farm for strawberry picking.

It was pretty much impossible to keep Cal away from the strawberry ice cream :)

He needs energy for his workouts.  This baby is doing a lot of planks and hands and knees recently.  He has yet to crawl, but I don't think it will be long.

And then, thanks to Weggi babysitting, I got to go back to Southern Belle Farm for Jude's end of the year field trip.