Thursday, August 27, 2015

10 months old

Yesterday, I sat Cal on the driveway to get the stroller out of the car.  When I turned back around, he was standing up.  There was nothing to help him pull up and nothing to hold on to and he just stood there.  Amazingly, I had my camera on me.  Just that morning, I was admiring him and wishing I had more pictures of him, pictures that really captured him.  He beautiful he is, how poised, active, engaged, and content he is.  I tried to get a few pictures in the yard and as usual I couldn't get anything.  But, then, he stood up for the first time.  And, just look at him.  So beautiful, poised, active, engaged and content.  

At 10 months old, Cal is into everything... up the stairs, into our mess of boxes around our half-packed house, part of the boys wrestling match.  He loves to be out exploring and does not love anything with a buckle.  He doesn't seem to meet a stranger but still obviously prefers Atticus and I.  The best way to keep him occupied in the house is by rolling a ball with him.  And if I really need to get something done, I let him empty the kitchen cabinets.  Unfortunately, that is necessary a lot.  Rory started back at school last week and we are adjusting to having alone time together again.  We enjoy it, but he is thrilled when his brothers are home again.  They play with him in a way no mama would. 

My favorite time of the day with Cal is when I go into his room after he wakes up from a nap.  He is so happy that he just radiates joy leaving you feeling so full of love.  Before I pick him up we always stand there and smile or laugh at each other for a minute.  I'm not sure smiles get any bigger than they are at that moment.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Destin, 2015

The week before school started we went to Destin with Honey and Paw-Paw and the rest of the LeBlanc clan.  Even with a baby on my hip, I managed to take hundreds of pictures.  I really did do my best to cut it down to a reasonable number here!