Friday, November 6, 2015

Cal is 1!

Cal is 1!  We celebrated his first birthday (which was October 16th) with a BBQ at our house with family friends.  During the party, Cal stayed happy watching the older kids and quietly escaping to find something to get into.  That's pretty much his way.  He is a quiet explorer.  He is not so interested in toys or books, but loves to play in cabinets and closets.  He loves puddles and mud along with sweeping and baths.  He took his first steps at 10 months, walked on and off at 11 months and now has decided walking is better than crawling.  His appetite and tastes very greatly by the day, but his favorites seem to be rice and beans, yogurt, bananas and cereal with milk.  He is much more likely to eat if you give him the bowl and spoon.  He is also still nursing quite a bit and I wish he was a more reliable night sleeper.  

At one he weighed in at 20 lbs. 2 oz (10 percentile) and was in the 50th percentile for height.  The exact same as Jude.  Jude is still most interested in spending time with Cal, but Cal has special relationships with each of his brothers.  He rough houses with Rory, cuddles with Jude, and battles light sabers with Finnan.

A very happy first birthday to Cal!  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween weekend

In our house, I think pumpkin carving was more highly anticipated than trick-or-treating.  We finally carved pumpkins Friday afternoon.  Finnan designed and carved his own witch, Jude designed his with a jail mouth (I don't have a picture!) but let Atticus carve, and Rory had Atticus design and carve a scary pumpkin.

Honey and Paw-Paw came in for the festivities, which started with 3 soccer games Saturday morning.    I got pictures at Rory's game, where he scored a bunch of goals, Cal wondered all over the place and Finnan kept Honey warm.

See that tiny spec at the base of the slide?  That's Cal, just wanted to go to the park by himself.

When we got home from the third game, we headed over to our neighbor Ellie's 4th birthday party and got to catch up with a lot of neighbors. Then the boys transformed themselves into a Star Wars gang.  You've heard of Jedi Panda before, right?  Well if Rory brings it up, tell him you have heard of him.

We didn't think too many people would be trick-or-treating on our new street, so we headed (one block over) to our old house and meet up with friends to make our rounds.  This is the group of kids we started with.  The group at least tripled in size by the end of the night.  We trick-or-treated about an hour and then Rory was ready to go home.  As we headed back to our house, we noticed that a lot of houses on our street had their lights on, waiting for trick-or-treaters.  We didn't want all of those people to be disappointed, so Jude and Atticus headed out again to trick-or-treat on our street.  It sounded like Jude was the only trick-or-treater to hit many of the houses!  

We took advantage of the time change and had pancakes Sunday morning.  

 Then we headed off to church where the boys had a chorus performance for All Saint's Day.  This year Jude was St. Jude and Finnan was St.  Francis.  If you can find Finnan in these pictures (I was on the wrong side of church to get a picture of him), you'll notice a striking similarity between Obi Wan Kenobi and St. Francis.  And while Jude calms up when in front of church, you can see that he is not afraid of hamming it up for the camera.  Saint / Greek god, same thing.

Happy Halloween!