Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Baby book stats

During Christmas break, Cal had his 14 month check up and Rory had his 4 year check up.

Cal at 14 months:
Height- 31.7 inches (82nd percentile)
Weight- 21 lb 7 oz (35th percentile)

At 14 months, Cal was pretty much the same as he had been at 12 months.  Now that he is days away from 15 months, he seems like he has changed a lot.  The past couple of weeks he has been noticeably happier and a lot more giggly.  He is much more interested in toys and can play longer periods by himself.  He is also much more verbal and although he doesn't have words yet is starting to communicate much better.

Rory at 4 years:
Height- 3' 6.5" (90th percentile)
Weight- 34 lb 8 oz (30th percentile)

So far, Rory has had a bit of a hard transition to 4.  He has been more whiny than usual and just seems overtired.  We are trying to get him to sleep more, but getting a 4 year old back on to a nap schedule has proved difficult :)  Luckily he still sleeps at school and he will sometimes sleep at home, even putting himself to bed!  He is currently very excited about being able to ride his two wheeler and looking forward to starting soccer again in the spring.  He loves superheroes and playing games with Atticus and I.  Memory, Animal Upon Animal and Looping Louie are his favorites.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Into the new year

We have a lot to be excited about in 2016.  We are most excited about Aunt Caelyn, Uncle Frank and Rud moving to Atlanta from London!  They flew into town the Monday after Christmas in hopes of finding their first home somewhere within a couple miles of our house.  While the first couple of days were discouraging, they ended up finding a home in Avondale Estates, only two blocks away from the boys school and 1.5 miles away from our house!  They currently have the house under contract and we are hopeful it will all work out as it is a great location and on an awesome large lot.  I can see a lot of backyard soccer and baseball games in the future.

I am also looking forward to getting a lot of house projects done in 2016.  Decorating the interior is on the list, but I am most excited about all of the outdoor projects.  My priorities are to clear all of the underbrush from our creek area, set up a vegetable garden, plant apple trees and blueberry bushes and hopefully plant some understory trees on the hill leading down to the creek.  

Finnan and Jude made their resolutions at school.  Finnan resolved to read a G Man book, eat more Asian food and to make good football card trades.  Really, I laughed out loud at his second resolution and was too distracted to follow up with Jude about his resolutions.  Jude and Atticus both quickly decided that they too wanted to eat more Asian food in 2016.

I do think we started off the New Year right with a lot of time outside.  During a water gun fight, they boys spotted a hawk swoop down into a wooded area of our yard.  After sending a picture to Weggi, we found out that it was a juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk.  It had just caught a squirrel and probably was not strong enough to fly away with it, so it sat there while the boys watched it from about 5 feet away.    It spent about two hours there picking away at the squirrel.

In another crazy bird sighting, today while eating lunch at the dining room table, I spotted this heron (?) walking in the creek!

And even though it was cold New Year's Day we went to Stone Mountain to do a little hike and then rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain.  Just look at that crew!

These two cuties were posing for pictures every chance they got.  "This would be a good picture!"  I actually did have my camera on my, so I was happy to oblige.

Our house was very full the week after Christmas.  For one night it slept 15 people!  One night I decided to take a break and just go upstairs to read.  Apparently Rory wanted to have a break and instead of playing games, he came up to "read" with me.  He eventually fell asleep next to me while looking at "adult books."

If the first week of 2016 is any indication, we have a great year ahead of us!


Santa left quite a stash at our house this year.  The highlights were roller blades and football trading cards for Finnan, a skateboard for Jude, a crazy fort, lego set and mickey mouse learning pad for Rory, and snacks for Cal.  There were also hockey sticks for the whole family and a basketball arcade game in the basement.

Later Christmas morning, we joined the Roberts' family for brunch and then had the Smith family over for dinner. We almost made it through the day flawlessly.  As the Smiths were packing up to leave, Rory came up from the basement screaming...and bleeding.  He had a deep gash next to his left eye.  Apparently, Rory was riding either a tricycle or the cozy coupe around the garage while Finnan, Jude and Hudson were playing with the new hockey sticks.  And Rory got a hockey stick to the face.  Bridget stayed with the older kids and Cal and Atticus took a terrified Rory to Egleston.  They quickly put Rory at ease with cartoons, play dough, and numbing cream!  Within 30 minutes Rory was saying, "This hopstipal is not so bad" and "If my brothers and their friends hurt me again I want to go to here!"  Rory laid perfectly still while getting seven stitches while a child specialist talked him through it and played the Frozen soundtrack.  Three hours later we were home.

The next day we woke up to some amazing December weather so decided to walk the 2.5 miles to Revolution Donuts.  Rory and Cal rode in the stroller while Jude rode his bike and Finnan rode his scooter.

The weather stayed great for several days and the boys took advantage of it by practicing rollerblading and skateboarding.  Jude is determined to be "the best skateboarder in our family" so he is "going to practice 10,000 hours."  They even let us sleep in and went out to practice in the driveway in the wee hours of the morning!  Rory also learned to ride his two-wheeler!

The weather was so nice we were even able eat dinner out on the t-shirts!  Cal is demonstrating how he can feed himself.  And dip his french fries!