Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Random snippets form March

I started off March with an awesome weekend in North Carolina catching up with my girlfriends.  We were good this trip and actually did take some pictures of ourselves.  Trying to get a group selfie with one of the ponies of Grayson Highlands State Park did become rather comical...

And as always, after a few days away I was very excited to see my crazies again.  Rory always wants to help in the kitchen, so in these pictures he is making mac and cheese, for himself, Rud and Cal.

With five boys in the house, there are a lot of table antics.

On the day this picture was taken, this cutie made it a game of not letting me get him out of bed.  

Cal is obsessed with wearing everyone's shoes.  He is surprisingly good at navigating in any sized shoes.  Even up and down stairs!

Meanwhile, I have been obsessed with setting up gardens at our new house.  All of the boys were thrilled with the huge pile of dirt that was delivered.  Rudy and Cal have permanent stains on some of their pants from creating dirt slides.

As much as this guess likes to get dirty, he loves his baths as well.

These two entertain each other from morning until night.  However, Rud is a lot more cautious than Cal.  For a while, Cal made a habit of walking along the edge of the 3-4 foot retaining wall.  If I went to go get him, he would run back up the hill.  As soon as I turned away, he would run back down and stop right at the edge.  Cal has fallen off this wall once and then decided to jump off shortly after the fall.  

Jude choose to be Davy Crockett in the last exhibit night.  His speech was complete with a Tennessee accent.

During March, GiGi came to visit so we made a special family outing to the zoo!

Cal was making it impossible to cook dinner one night, so I decided to let him help with the quiches.  It started off pretty well.  Then there was one little spill.  And then a major spill.  Followed by Cal discovering how fun it was to crack the already cracked eggshells.  It's a good thing we have so many eggs.  Unfortunately, he left a surprise in one of the quiches....a handful of demolished eggshell.

The same little Cal who makes it hard to make dinner, makes it pretty impossible to watch soccer games.

We are doing our best to turn our boys into urban farmers.  We got 16 chicks at the beginning of the month and they have been growing fast.  Our true chicken whisper (Jude) was at a birthday party when I took these pictures.  It seems like Rory was happy to take over Jude's role while he was gone.

Right after I finished moving my pile of dirt, we had a pile of sand delivered so we could fill our new sand box.  The sand box was filled with about half of this sand.  The rest Atticus is planning to use to build a cob playhouse/outdoor oven structure.  Projects, project, projects... In the meantime, the boys have their own little beach at the end of the driveway.

Before it was even filled with sand, the sand box was a big hit.  Dirt enclosed in a box is just as fun for one year olds.