Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Soccer Tournaments and Labor Day Weekend

Jude and Finnan's soccer teams both had pre-season soccer tournaments this August.  They were on back-to-back weekends so we did not have to figure out the logistics of two tournaments in metro Atlanta in one weekend.  Jude's tournament was first.  For some reason, they were put in a U9 division (even though they are a U8 team), so they did not do well in the tournament.  But, Jude is a relentless optimist and thought they played great!  Finnan's team played well in their tournament and won the silver medal for their age-group.  I thought they played great, but Finnan was not particularly happy with the silver...

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Jude's tournament.  (We learned at Jude's tournament that Cal is still not suited for soccer sidelines...especially when there is only about 10 ft from the sideline to the parking lot. He got left at home for Finnan's tournament.)   We split up and left Cal at home for Finnan's tournament so there were some free hands for pictures.

Meanwhile, back at home, Rory and I play backyard soccer and the boys had fun with bubbles.

With no soccer tournament to worry about, we were able to have a pretty relaxing Labor Day weekend.  We started off the weekend with a little Friday night surprise birthday pizza night for Caelyn.  Then Saturday morning, Jude headed off to McKoy park for a skateboarding lesson.  This was his third lesson (they have drop-in lessons at the park) and he is really get the hang of it and absolutely loves it.  Finnan and Rory brought their bikes and played around on the obstacles during the lesson.

Meanwhile, Cal and I went grocery shopping to get ready for a party Saturday night.  Cal, despite getting the car cart, would not sit in the appropriate section of the cart by the end of the trip.  I had to take a picture because it pretty much sums up my life with him these days. You want me to sit here, then I'm going to sit there.  You want me in the car, I want out. You want me out of the car, then I want in. And on, and on, and on...

Luckily, I think he is very cute...

Saturday night, I finally (almost exactly one year from moving in!) got around to having a party for families on our street.  It was a great success and we ware looking forward to many more!

We had a fairly lazy Sunday.  Caelyn and Frank brought over a dozen Revolution Donuts after church and we hung out on the back deck for a while.  I guess the boys thought we were being too lazy though and they decided they were going to build a tree house.  They started on their own, getting the scrap wood and tools and trying very hard to figure out how to hammer or drill into the tree.  Atticus eventually had to help them get the main boards in (and leveled).  Atticus also cut the deck boards for them, but then had Finnan hammer them in place.

For the final product, Atticus did put up a guard rail!

On Monday, the boys ran in the Avondale Estate Labor Day run (1 mile).  Finnan clocked in at 7:09, Jude at 7:45 and Rory at 10:06.  Finnan placed third overall (and third in his 7-10 age group), Jude placed 11th overall, and Rory placed 2nd in the 6 & under age group.

And now the boys are back to school for a short week before Fall break week!  Woohoo!