Friday, October 21, 2016

Cal at 2

My mom recently got Cal a Star Wars BB-8 shirt, because "he's a lot like BB-8."  While I don't think he has an ulterior motive with his actions like BB-8, his actions none the less resemble BB-8.  Cal is in full action mode most of the time.  He speaks in a language that I don't understand.  He does things that seem super dangerous and that I don't want him to do.  He is pretty stubborn and not particularly cooperative.  Yet, he is ultimately adorable and lovable.

Between his climbing, scootering, skateboarding, and independent explorations (aka "escapes into the woods"), he has given me a near heart attack at least twice a week.  He is an incredibly coordinated toddler, and also takes notes very carefully, much like Finnan, even when we think he isn't paying close attention.  A few weeks ago, after watching Jude practice punting a soccer ball, we noticed Cal was punting everything he could find: pine cones, balls, stuffed animals. . . the dogs.  Cal has also started participating in Rory's soccer practices, very capably doing drills, including toe touches, dribbling up and down the field, and of course scoring (then climbing into) goals.

We went for his well visit earlier this week.  He weighed in at 29 lbs and was 35 inches tall.  I don't know how accurate either of those measurement were though.  He fussed and thrashed so the nurse couldn't really get a good read on it.  He put up a fight for the easy stuff but then when he got his blood drawn (needle in the arm for two vials) he sat completely still and didn't make a peep.  Go figure.  

Cal continues to love the chickens, particularly feeding them food scraps.  While I am making dinner I often see him sitting next to the chicken run with our dog Annie at his side.  (Annie wouldn't sit still for the picture.)

While the older boys practice skateboarding, Cal has been owning the skate park.  Insisting on speeding throughout and going up the ramps.  I am often running up to him to guide him down or at least slow him down once he is at the bottom.  I am not sure if I'm helping or not as I feel like I often make him fall by slowing him down.  He has successfully sped down by himself, it is just to nerve wracking for me to watch!

Cal loves his cousin baby Byron.  I'm amazed by how long the baby will hold Cal's attention and how gentle Cal has been with him.

Here Cal is alternating between videos of Byron laughing and watching himself scooter down the hill.

For Cal's birthday we did a small celebration after a long day of regularly scheduled activities.  Aunt Caelyn, Rud and By joined us for for dirt cake.  (Worm is one of Cal's favorite words.)  He loved his flashlight and bug boots.  I bought him a giant inflatable spider for the yard, which he ended up being terrified of.  Luckily, now that has been a few days, he is quite drawn to it.  Now, when he runs off, he heads for the spider, not the creek or the woods.

For now, Cal's independent spirit and daredevil tendencies are wrecking havoc on my anxiety, but I imagine one day he will be taking this world by storm.  Happy Birthday, Cal!

The sweet stuff in the middle

My two middle children...they sleep together more often than not these days.  Last night they wanted to play just a little more football after dark.  Unfortunately, it was bed time so they could not, but it looks like they were able to dream about playing together.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rory's trip to Florida

After our fall break trip to the Chattahoochee, Rory went down to Florida with Weggi and Paw Paw for a week.  And what a week it was.  They spent two days at Disney World (complete with two character lunches), a day at Sea World and lots of time playing in the back yard.  We did attempt to talk to Rory throughout the week, but it was clear he was having way too much fun to slow down and talk to us.  Here are some of Weggi's pictures from the week.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pictures of Cal

I had taken these pictures a couple of months ago expecting to write an update on this little guy.  Now that he is just a couple of days away from his 2nd birthday, I thought I just better go ahead and post the pictures!  Stay tuned for a 2 year old Cal update!

Fall break on the Chattahoochee

This year we spent our September break with Weggi and Paw Paw at a house on the Chattahoochee.  The week was perfect.  The section of the Chattahoochee we were on was completely manageable (but still filled with fun obstacles) for the older three boys and when got past a certain point was even perfect for Cal to wade and explore.  Other than an apple picking outing and a brief trip to Tallulah Falls Gorge, we spent all of our time playing in the house's river backyard.  As you'll see, I had a hard time putting my camera down as every moment seemed so idyllic and picturesque.

The creek in our yard has sparked quite an interest in fishing for Finnan and Jude and has seemed to reignite Atticus' love of fishing.  So, not surprisingly, they spent a lot of time fishing in the river.  Rory isn't as in to fishing so he spent a lot of more time on this rope swing, jumping across rocks, and playing games with Weggi and Paw Paw.

Cal, however, caught the fishing bug.  He was not satisfied on land and would whine incessantly if he saw Atticus out on the rocks fishing.  Consequently, Cal became Atticus' fishing buddy.  He would hang out on the rocks while Atticus fished, and often held the pole for him.  He even reeled one in! . . . you can imagine the excitement.

Cal also really loves bugs (which comes in handy for fishing bait!).  Bug hunting is definitely a good distraction technique for him.

Checkers on the porch was a pretty popular down time activity.

The river just really was gorgeous.  We only saw a couple of fishermen on it (for only a few minutes) the whole week.

I spotted a cool green snake in the bushes.  I am not a snake person so I had to call Atticus over to catch it.  He did give the boys a thrill.  And I had to firmly say, no, he is not coming home with us several times.

Atticus had to head home for a day to go to a meeting (we were only 1.5 hours from our house!), so the rest of us went apple picking for the day.  We picked and bought a ton of apples.  It has been over a month and despite my best efforts (lots of applesauce, several pies and crisps), we still have apples!!!

It was actually pretty warm all week, so a fire never sounded too appealing.  But, since we brought stuff for s'mores, we made a fire the last night.  

You can see in this picture, Cal sneaking chocolate in the dark.  Yeah, he really didn't sleep much that night...

As I mentioned before we stopped by Talulah Gorge.  It was very pretty, but, my anxiety around heights peaked as I saw Cal running up to the fenced ledges.  I know he couldn't get over them, but I still couldn't handle it.  We didn't stay long and ended up getting a big BBQ lunch complete with milkshakes and ice cream floats instead!

The last day, Atticus, Paw Paw, Finnan and Jude headed out early and ended their vacation with a chartered fishing trip on the river.  

Weggi, Rory, Cal and I headed home to unpack and start to regroup, as Rory was heading to Florida (and Disney World!) with Weggi and Paw Paw the next day.