Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pictures from October

We had a belated birthday party for Finnan this month.  He invited five friends from school for a backyard camp out.  It was a beautiful night and the boys played football, soccer and laser tag until past dark when we called them in to watch Back to the Future.  The boys slept in Atticus' childhood tent that we realized had quite a few holes while Atticus, Rory and and Jude slept in our tent next to them.  Even though there was no rain in the forecast, it started raining at 5 am (the only rain we had this entire month), prematurely waking the boys with water seeping in from the holes.  To them it just meant more time for sports.  

We will sometimes let the older boys take Cal downstairs while we get a little more sleep on the weekends.  The other week, I found Finnan, Jude and Rory all reading in the front room and Cal in the middle of the island "making" oatmeal.

This morning Rory made a pretty large train track through the basement.  I was so impressed that Cal made no attempt to take any of it apart and was more interested in pushing the trains around.  We have turned a corner!

After their last exhibit night, Finnan and Jude had a day off while Rory and Cal were in school.  We had an awesome day.  We started by bringing can goods from Jude's service project to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  We then went to the skate park, out to lunch and ended with a trip to the climbing gym.

Finnan with our favorite chicken, Pop.

Rory was sure he had me in Animal Upon Animal.  I managed to get another one on and then he knocked it down the next round.

Our schedule has been so busy, we didn't manage to carve pumpkins until after school Halloween day.  I'm a pretty terrible pumpkin carver and had a couple of knives out to figure out which one would be best.  As I was working on Rory's, I saw Cal had gotten one of the knives.  I reached out to grab it from him, but in the process sliced his middle finger.  We could not get it to stop bleeding, so luckily there was an appointment open at 4:30 at their pediatrician so Atticus raced him over there.  They glued it together and wrapped him up and they were back just as the Conway Rd. parade was starting.  

One of the neighbors on our street organized a Halloween parade for just our block of the street.  There has been a lot of new construction on our street in the past couple of years and the kids on the street go to several different charters and private schools, so we don't know many of the families.  We were so surprised to see so many kids! It was great to trick-or-treat down our street with this crew and then we met up with our old neighbors (one block over) to trick or treat around our old house.  Cal didn't get home in time to change into his lion costume, but Atticus improvised by putting on a head wrap.  It turned out to be a perfect costume as several people guessed he was "trouble."  Yes.  Yes he is.  I don't think I ever fully recovered from the shock of Cal's injury that night, but we had a good time none-the-less.

Cal did dress up as a lion for The Museum School's Fall Fest the week before.  Even though his "trouble" costume was very fitting, he made a pretty cute lion, too!

We are looking forward to some fall weather (hopefully some will come soon!) and a little more free time (at least two of the soccer seasons will end in November!) so we can start getting ready for the holidays!