Friday, January 27, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nailed it

A couple of weeks ago, there was a chance of a couple of inches of snow in Atlanta.  School was released two hours early, all practices, games, and meets were cancelled for the whole weekend.  I was anticipating being cooped up all weekend, so when it didn't start as of Friday night, we headed to Twains for dinner, shuffleboard and even some claw fun.

Once back at home, we settled in for the night and hoped for snow in the morning.  But...nothing.  There was ice in the trees and a frost on the ground, but no snow.  

Finnan and Jude were not going to let this snow day pass them by though and brought out their Christmas sleds and a small skateboard ramp.  They set up quite a few runs on our very steep hill, positioning the ramp so they could get air, mid-run.  They inevitable wiped out at some point in the run, at which point they shrieked, "Nailed it!!!" At least they thought to wear helmets and, in Jude's case, shin guards.

Even though it did not snow, it was bitter cold.  Rory and I cam in to make hot chocolate and we lured everyone inside.  The boys set up a chair "train" and Finnan invented a game "fishy" to play with Cal.  We ended up having an impromptu dinner party Saturday night since all of our weekend plans had been cancelled.

And in true Atlanta fashion, the weather went from bitter cold to 70s in a matter of days...

Thursday, January 12, 2017


The best thing about having four kids is seeing their love for each other.  Over the past couple of years this gang of four has truly formed its own tribe.  It's amazing to watch their individual roles develop and change as they work together to navigate life.  Years of reinforcing our "best brother, best friend" mantra is clearly evident with these kids.

The hardest thing about having four kids is devoting time to each of them individually.  This has been particularly hard in the past couple of years, as Finnan and Jude have entered the elementary school phase of life.  I want to explore with them, but I have felt very tied down by Cal.  This year I am going to make a better effort not to be inhibited by a two year old.  I am going to plan a summer road trip to Montreal and Acadia National Park in Maine.  I've realized now is the time to provide these experiences for Finnan and Jude and I can't continue to let my fear of traveling (and camping) with Cal get in the way.  My mother-in-law refers to experiences like these as "investing in their memory banks." That idea really resonates with me, so we are going to do it, and I just hope it will turn out to be a positive memory!

Along those same lines, I would like to get at least the older two boys involved in some sort of service project or a potpourri of service projects.  For Finnan, specifically, I would like to build on his interest and talent in running and sign him up for a 5k.  And, since he is going to do a 5k, I thought I should work through a couch-to-5k program and also sign myself up for one.  Finnan has also expressed an interest in wrestling, so although that is outside my comfort zone (and knowledge base), I am going to look into the options for next Fall or Winter.

When I asked Jude what his resolution was for the new year he said, "Give Mommy and Daddy 5 hugs a day!"  Considering that is not a challenge for Jude, we talked about other options, and he thinks he would like to learn an instrument.  I am hoping we can make time for some introductory keyboarding classes this year.

This year is going to be a big one for Rory, as he will start kindergarten.  I have been getting less nervous recently about him going, but my main focus for him this year is still to be comfortable and happy in kindergarten.

And for Cal...well he still needs to start talking.  Listening would be good to, but mainly talking!

Atticus wants to take the older boys hunting and keep fishing with all of them.  He also wants work on swimming with all of them and start taking family bike rides (or at least take one :)).  I need to keep working on decorating and organizing the house and using and expanding my garden.  I would also like to explore more local hiking either as a family or with Atticus.  Atticus and I had such a great time in St. John last year that making another trip as a couple made our list of resolutions as well.

Here's to 2017!