Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter break fun

Since we have a camping trip and a trip to D.C. planned in April, we decided to stay home for winter break.  The first day all four boys were home and we walked/biked/rollerbladed/tricyled to McKoy park.  At one point Jude and Rory, who were on bikes got ahead of us and surprised me with these bouquets of dandelions.  I think after having young kids for so many years, dandelions might be my favorite flowers as I have so many memories of these sweet faces presenting them to me :)

On Tuesday, Atticus took the boys fishing on Lake Lanier.  As always, they had an amazing time and came home with quite a load of fish.  Atticus ended up calling our old neighbor, who is the head chef at 246, a very nice restaurant in Decatur, and was able to bring the fish in to the restaurant to cut and clean the fish (and then to learn how Drew cooks it!)  We gave Drew half of the fish for the restaurant and were able to then eat Atticus' fish in the restaurant the next night.  

Rory and Cal had play group the rest of the week, so after a day of rest (with a play date), we took one day for an adventure at Stone Summit, and another to go to Snow Mountain.

Both Stone Summit and Snow Mountain would have been impossible with Cal, but I made it up to Rory and Cal this past Friday and took them on an outing to the zoo.

Winter Days

As the hectic days of Spring are starting, I am reminded of how low key our winter has been.  Sports have been light and close by, homework has been limited, and we have been outsourcing home improvement projects.  There has been a lot of driveway skateboard/scooter/rollerblade/bike/tricycle racing, board games, afternoons at the park, and dinner parties.  

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself with 6 dozen eggs in the house, so decided to make brioche.  It was nice to have a weekend afternoon free to make cinnamon rolls with Jude, Rory and Cal (Finnan was at indoor soccer).

That same weekend we babysat the 3rd grade guinea pig, Burrito.  The boys doted on her all weekend.

Rory even though she would like story time.

While Finnan participated in indoor soccer this winter, Jude joined his school basketball team.  He of course loved it.  Though I don't know what it is about basketball and him making goofy faces...

I didn't order the team photo, but a friend of mine texted me this picture.  Seriously, what is with the faces?!?  

Our busy schedule resumed this weekend, with both Finnan and Jude's soccer teams participating in the same soccer tournament.  Jude missed his first game because he had his First Reconciliation, but both boys' teams made it to the finals, meaning we went to 7 soccer games this weekend, split between Brookhaven and Marietta.  Thank goodness for the beautiful weather!