Friday, March 31, 2017

"Cal needs me."

We have been struggling with Cal's sleep for several months.  He is very difficult to put down, then will not stay in his bed, leaving his room often during the night.  We tried so many tactics.  Laying down with him, sleeping with him, letting him stay in our bed once he climbed in, rocking him, sitting by his bed, sitting by the door, locking him in his room, moving him to the boys room.  Everything.  Last week, Weggi told him he had to stay in his room if he wanted to go out to breakfast in the morning.  I was surprised not to hear the usual fussing in his room after she closed the door and thought, maybe she was on to something.  Not quite.  As I was helping the older boys, Cal came walking in.  He didn't even look at me though.  He held Jude's hand and whispered something in his ear.  Jude stopped looking for his book that he was planning on reading in bed and said, "Mommy, Cal needs me."  He went and cuddled up with Cal and Cal actually slept through the whole night.   Not only did Jude get Cal to sleep, but in the morning, he successfully encouraged him to go potty.  This scenario has been repeated many times this past week and has been working well.  Since Rory is spending the week in Florida, he has also taken up residence in Rory's bottom bunk a couple of times.  I can't say that works as well as Jude cuddle right up next to him, but he will at least stay in the room willingly.  We may be doing a room swap in the near future to encourage better nights' sleep for all of us!

Explorer Dash

Last weekend was the school's annual Explorer Dash.  After three soccer games and a swim meet on Saturday, we made our way over to the school for the 1 mile and 5k races.  Jude and Rory opted for the one mile, while Atticus, Finnan and I fulfilled our New Year's resolution by completing the 5k.  Once again, my kids wowed me.  Jude won his age group (and came in second overall to an 8th grader) with a 6:54.  Rory also won his age group by over a minute with an 8:35.  Atticus won the 5k (beating out a 17 year old) with a 20:37 and Finnan came in second in his age group with a 23:02!  I surpassed my goal of breaking 30 minutes with a 25:24.  My parents and the Furman's were there to cheer us on and it definitely helped as I was trying to make it up the last hill!